3 Burning Questions About Ozark We Need Answered NOW

1. Will Ruth be siding with Darlene in Season 4?

While there’s no way to know for sure, the final episodes of Season 3 do hint at a possible turf war which may find Ruth siding with Darlene.

Towards the end of Season 3, we can clearly start seeing a softer side to Darlene as she becomes romantically involved with Wyatt and offers support to both Wyatt and Ruth. It seems clear that Darlene is thinking more strategically and taking the necessary steps to ensure her land sees a ripe future, far away from the doings of the Byrde family.

Meanwhile, Ruth is disgruntled with the Byrde family for only looking after their own interests and not standing up for her when she needed them most.

Were they the ultimate reason for all her suffering?

Both Wyatt and Darlene seem to think so. With such a turn in events, it’s only logical that Ruth may feel her interests now lie with someone else.

2. What do the symbols inside the Ozark logo mean?

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what those symbols actually mean.

As you must have noticed, every episode opens with four symbols inside of an O and are arranged to spell out Ozark. Apart from making the logo look cool, these symbols actually hint at various monumental events that occur throughout the episode.

Cool, huh?

3. Why does Navarro kill Helen at the end of Ozark?

Towards the end of the season, tensions begin to rise between Helen and the Byrde family – making it clear to Navarro that both parties are happen to move forward solo.

While Helen makes clear that she doesn’t feel the Byrdes are the right fit for herself and Navarro, Wendy is in parallel voicing her own concerns to Navarro. It’s fair to say, Navarro is well aware tensions have risen and that a choice can be made.

But why did he choose the Byrdes?

Was it because they promised to legitimize his business and ensure a way out in the midst of a cartel war? We think so.

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