3 Henna Designers You Can Trust With Your Skin in the UAE

Henna designers! Here’s a topic we’ve never covered, and i’m not sure why. Since childhood, i’ve always loved henna design. I mean, its a tattoo that lasts for two weeks – can you ask for more? With the transient nature of my character, I wouldn’t really ever be able to imagine myself committing to a tattoo for more than two weeks.

What would I wear with it? How would I ensure all my outfits would match with that one tattoo? Hence why i love a good henna. Keep reading for 3 henna studios that should make it to your radar this season:

The Henna Box henna designers

henna designers

You should definitely add The Henna Box to your list if you’re a sensitive skin gal. The Henna Studio sell organic, non toxic henna products with stencils. Growing up, founder of Henna Box Hajra always had terrible allergies that always emerged when wearing henna. She never knew what the problem was with the Henna she would use in salons or other places, so she decided to get around sourcing henna that wouldn’t have horrible reactions for sensitive skin. You’ll also find some henna on the eccentric side here – with a neon collection that’s quite hard to resist and will allow for greater expression – as explained by Hajra Hussein. You can learn more about The Henna Box and the founder’s story here.

Dr Azra

henna designers

If you’re looking for some avant garde inspiration, you’d better keep up with Dr. Azra. I think it would be safe to say that she’s giving new representation to henna designers by revolutionizing how henna is actually applied. It almost feels like she’s using henna to create artistic pieces – which we love! She sells her own henna as well, so you can source your next piece from Dr. Azra.

Dubai Henna By Sara henna designers

henna designers

Dubai Henna By Sara have honestly outdone themselves lately by providing FREE CROWN HENNA for Cancer Patients who’ve lost their hair due to chemo. I mean, are they angels or what? The henna shop not only sells organic henna and DIY henna kits but also have their own academy. You can choose amongst several programs, such as the henna basic design course or the bridal henna masterclass. Find out more here: https://www.dubaihenna.com/henna-academy-dubai/

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