5 Admirable Beauty Brands You Didn’t Know Existed

If you’re thinking of switching up your beauty routine with some new products, check out this list of beauty brands you didn’t know existed. Local brands are emerging and are slowly becoming the new hidden gems – and our team is here for it! As you may know by now, we’re all about supporting local businesses and love a cool beauty discovery. So without further ado – Scroll through for our curated list!

Glossy Makeup

Glossy Make Up Beauty Brands You Didn't Know Existed

Created by Natasha Zaki, this makeup brand is known for its’ insta-worthy beauty blenders and brushes. We love how this brand is all about supplying products that are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. The Woman’s Guide team also loves how Glossy Makeup aims to empower women. Purchase their range of products at https://glossymakeup.com


This cruelty-free cosmetics company is a one-stop-shop for any beauty lover. Offering all kinds of beauty products, K7L has a range of foundation shades that offer options for everyone. The team absolutely loves how K7L keeps all Middle Eastern tones in mind by offering 15 different shades. Purchase their range of products at https://www.k7l.com/en/


We all love some skincare, especially when it’s Korean. With 4 retail stores in the UAE already, this beauty brand brings more than 1000 Korean products into the Middle East. You can order their products online from their website or visit K-Secret stores.

Shop here: https://ksecret.com

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Hammamii offers a blend of timeless beauty tradition with a modern luxury twist. This brand makes sure to use the resources available in the Middle Eastern region as they offer a variety of authentic spa ranges made naturally here. We’re talking Camel’s milk from the Dubai desert, preserved lemons, Sumac, and the traditional Arabian spice Za’atar. They also use natural ingredients like dates from Ras Al Khaimah, salts drawn from the Arabian Sea in Abu Dhabi and more.

Purchase their range of products at http://hammamii.com/

The Camel Soap Factory

Camel Soap Factory is a producer of hand-made camel milk-based skincare products. The brand is sustainable and environmentally friendly, and we just love that! The Camel Soap Factory also offers all natural skincare products perfect for sensitive skin.

Purchase their range of products at https://thecamelsoapfactory.com/

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