Fitness Influencers To Follow For Home Workouts With Minimal Equipment Needed

If you feel like your workout schedule has been thrown out the window ever since the coronavirus took over, we feel you.

Even though Dubai has now eased all restrictions, we’re still feeling a lot more comfortable working out from home. And we’re not the only ones! Trainers and health specialists around Dubai are all working hard to compile plans for you. Most of these plans we’d like to point to require minimal or no equipment at all, and that’s why we love them!

That said, we’ve taken the liberty to shortlist the best coaches that you can follow to get your endorphins rushing! What are you waiting for, go and smash it!

Suzana K.

Susana K

From shoulders and abs to glutes and legs, she is the queen of home workouts!
Suzana K is a fitness trainer based in Abu-Dhabi. Whether you’re a beginner or have been exercising for a while now, you can give her free Instagram workouts a try.

Woman’s Guide Tip: Her workouts are great if you have minimal or no equipment at home.

Senada Greca

Senada Greca

If your body goals include gaining muscle and getting lean, then Senada’s Crush programs are designed for you.

She is known for her punishing HIIT workouts and weight training exercises. Senada describes fitness as a long-term goal and focuses strongly on the idea of developing a Muscle-Mind Connection (MMC).

You can follow Senada on Instagram to try out her free home workouts. For personalized plans, you can always sign up for one of her paid programs.

Movement One by Karly Moves

I Karly (Karly Melnyk)

Movement One is a health and wellness portal offering a variety of programs. From yoga-inspired programs to muscle training plans, founder of Movement one Karly has put in place a series of tailored programs to suit all your wellness needs.

Just last week, Movement One has actually launched a new program called Movement One Complete. The program includes a 25-minute full-body workout guaranteed to get you sweaty. We’re super excited to add this one to our weekend routine!

Follow Karly and Movement One to stay up to date with new program launches and more.

Chloe Ting

One name that is sure to pop up in your search when looking for home-workouts is Chloe Ting.

Chloe is best known for her workout videos on YouTube as well as her free workout challenges that are available on her website.

Fun fact: She even offers healthy eating options that compliment her workouts.

Still don’t feel inspired? Check out the results from her workouts:

Melissa Kendter

If you’re looking to venture into lifting, Melissa’s profile may just be what you’re looking for.

Melissa posts daily fitness how-tos and healthy meal inspirations to keep you going.

Melissa also recently launched her fitness app. As a member, you can scroll and choose plans that fit your goals best, as well as get some one-on-one feedback on your progress.

Melissa Kendter’s workout routines are accessible on Instagram as well as her on her blog.

Zoe Anderson (@zoehappyfit)

Zoe Anderson

UAE fitness studio owner and influencer has literally been goals to the whole WG team since day 1. Her channel is all about hey workouts, challenges and more. Expect to learn about recommend exercises for your love handles, inner thighs and more.

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