5 Instagram Accounts for Major Bubble Bath Inspiration

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With everyone being home lately, it’s safe to say there has been a rising interest in self care. Online, we’re seeing a lot of masking, bubble baths and more.

In this read, we are rounding up all the bubble bath inspiration you will need under lock-down. Get inspired by these Instagram accounts and whip up your own bath!

1. Dominika Brudney

Did someone say bathroom goals? No? Well we’re saying it now! Dominika’s curated bath tub is all a gal can ask for.  How irresistible is this set up?

2. Adele Mayaki

Now we’re getting artsy! Is perspective everything or what? Bopo activist and mentor Adele knows what it takes to create a mood. We’re loving her bathtub grabs – easily becoming our favorite kind of flatlay!

3. Beth

3, 2, 1, we’re jumping in! Beth’s bathtub of dreams adds plants to the set up for a little something extra! Can we get some of that action please?

4. Zoe Sugg

UK based blogger Zoe Sugg knows all there is to know about whipping up a good bath! We particularly enjoy watching the process through her weekly vlogs. If there’s one thing that’s more satisfying than staring at a perfectly curated bathtub, it’s definitely watching some one whip it up!

5. Sincere Lyno

Go minimal with an all-white theme with hints of pink! For a little detox, we can’t think of better uncluttered space!

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