5 Positivity Movements on Instagram and The Influencers Driving Them

If you’re on the gram often, you’ve probably noticed these 5 different positivity movements on instagram that have now more than ever spiraled on social media.

In the last couple of years, these positivity movements on instagram have skyrocketed. Many body and skin positivity instagram influencers have spoken up to raise issues such as body shaming and debunk myths against skin acne amongst other concerns. Meanwhile, sex positivity influencers such as Mary Jelkovsky have began speaking up about sexual pleasure and other similar topics society deems taboo.

Yes, we know – the world of positivity on Instagram has become increasingly popular and we’re here to point you towards 5 different positivity movements on Instagram that you should be aware of:

Body Positivity Positivity Movements on Instagram

If you ask us, the body positivity movement is one of the most popular movements – especially in the UAE. In recent years, many body positivity influencers have emerged to speak their truth and show society, it’s not okay to body shame. Key faces leading the body positivity movement in the UAE include Ameni Esseibi, Danae Mercer amongst other inspiring ladies. Some of the most remarkable campaigns Danae has carried forward include the no face filter challenge, where she encouraged ladies around the world to wear their faces without the IG filter, as well as the “wear the shorts” challenge” – a movement aimed at encouraging females to stop caring about cellulite and thigh imperfections and WEAR THE SHORTS! I know, super inspiring.

Positivity Movements on Instagram
Image Courtesy: Danae Mercer

On a global level, body positivity plus size model and now celebrity Ashley Graham stands as a pioneer on the body positivity movement. Ashley literally acts as living testament that curves are absolutely beautiful, and hiding them is the shame. To stay in tune with Ashley, check out her podcast Pretty Big Deal.

Skin Positivity Movements on Instagram

Have you ever been told you were dirty because of the acne on your face? Ever been given unsolicited skin advice on how to get rid of your acne scars? Well, those skin positivity influencers have and they’re here to speak up about it. Some of our favorite accounts tackling issues against skin shaming include Skin Positivity Movement and Skin No Shame.

Positivity Movements on Instagram
Image Courtesy: Skin No Shame (@SkinNoShame)

It’s okay to have acne, it’s okay to have body hair – but what’s not OK is being told you’re dirty because you’ve got acne. Expect to get a little insider knowledge on such topics and other society issues women with acne and skin problems have had to ensure in recent years.

Work Positivity

When we say work positivity, Gary Vee usually automatically comes to mind. The influencer turned business man has been talking about optimism and how it’s a strategy in business since day 1 – we all know who he is!

What you didn’t know though, was that there are plenty of other work positivity influencers in the UAE that are driving positive change in the work realm. Think work positivity, motivation and more. Some of our favorites are @LarasHappyWork (Duh) and @GbemiGiwa. Both entrepreneurs, these ladies have been inspiring us to work hard since day 1. If you follow Lara, you can expect to hear about the power of being positive at work, the pros and cons of working with passion, how she works with joy, how letting go of your ego in the workplace is good for you and more.

Positivity Movements on Instagram
Image Courtesy: Lara’s Happy Work

Gbemi, on the other hand – is someone who will literally drive you to bring your business idea to life through her motivational posts and courage. Yes, we sense the courage through the IG lens baby. Expect to get a dose of motivation everyday by keeping up with her daily motivation prompts.

Image Courtesy: Gbemigiwa

Sex Positivity

Image Courtesy: Marys Cup of Tea

Yes – that’s a thing. In a nutshell, sex positivity influencers speak up about how women can experience pleasure too. In the media, it’s literally been about men since day 1. How can we give them joy? What do they appreciate in sex? Well, not under Mary’s watch! Sex positivity influencers like Mary Jelkovsky and Amy Marietta speak up about gadgets women can use for pleasure, tools that go well with female menstrual cycles and more. While this movement is way more popular abroad than it is the UAE, it’s real – and it’s only growing.

Toxic Positivity

Image Courtesy: As You Are Well Be

As you can imagine – with all the pressure people have been under to be positive – toxic positivity became a thing. Well, it’s been a thing scientifically for years. But what I mean is people started getting to know what toxic positivity meant because they started experiencing it.

According to Science of People, Toxic positivity is the feeling of acting happy or cheerful when you’re really not. It’s that fake kind of happiness people say to you like “Just cheer up!” or “It’ll get better, don’t worry,” when something really bad happened to you.

Let’s be real – we’ve all been through it at some point this year. If we haven’t been through it, then we’ve probably seen it in action. With this massive focus on positivity, it almost feels like we’re being forced to be positive at times.

Many mental health influencers and enthusiasts have spoken up about the topic of toxic positivity. Follow #ToxicPositivity to see what the community is saying.

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