7 Multi-Purpose Outfits You Could Use For Anything

Deciding what to wear is always difficult. Will you need a nice dress, a casual top, a warm sweater—or all of the above? Especially if you’re a last-minute dresser, you could be easily overwhelmed. We did the research and found 7 multi-purpose outfits you could use for anything, whether it’s a business meeting, mall outing or even drinks with a friend. And the best news? You don’t have to sacrifice your ethics or style with any of these pieces

Moniritta Design

This breezy summer dress helps you reduce your wardrobe without sacrificing style. We love the gorgeous color of this stunning piece as well. It can be worn with sneakers for a casual outing, heels for a cocktail party, and even sandals for a beach trip.


With this longline crepe blazer, you can effortlessly bring together any style. The light cream color and lightweight fabric makes it ideal for hot days, and is embellished with summer-ready hand-made raffia buttons. This versatile piece can be worn over silk dresses, with stylish pieces, or to spice up a simple T-shirt and jeans.


Part retro and part modern chic, this piece is as convenient as it is stylish. You can dress it up or keep it casual – get creative! Beige believes that fashion should be accessible, affordable and fun for everyone. Launched in 2017 by Emirati designer Muna Al-Othaiman, and their have been spotted on runways around the world.

Rania’s Corner

This lightweight, eco-friendly top offers more than just a single silhouette. It can be worn in at least five unique ways. It could be worn with a skirt for a casual outing or a formal pair of pants for a meeting. This is designed with classic style and longevity in mind.

& Other Stories

The piece boasts a curved hemline and can be adjusted to fit any top you wear. Check out their website to get more ideas on what to style this skirt with.


Part retro and part modern chic, this piece is as convenient as it is stylish. Also, you can add additional chains, belts or buttons that will still make it look fashionable and trendy. It has a high waist with concealed elastication and legs that flare from the knees.

Heba’s Closet

This stylish bomber jacket will fulfill any and all of your dressing needs, from professional to casual. You can style this with jeans, trousers, and even a skirt! You can also purchase her unique collection online on her website.

We hope you liked our recommendations on 7 multi-purpose outfits you could use for anything!

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