All The Actresses Who Have Played Princess Diana

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Kristen Stewart, Twilight alum and current Charlie’s Angel is set to play Princess Diana in director Pablo Larraín’s drama Spencer, Deadline reports. The film, expected to begin production in early 2021, will take place over a span of three days as Princess Diana, who died in a Paris car crash in 1997, realizes she needs to end her marriage to Prince Charles while spending Christmas at Queen Elizabeth‘s Sandringham estate in the 1990s.


While we’re trying to imagine what Stewart’s British accent would sound like, we’re sure the acting will be topnotch! She’s no stranger to adapting to character roles (see Seberg and The Runways).

We’re also fascinated with how many actresses have donned the iconic wig (so to speak) and played Princess Diana since her demise.

Naomi Watts

The actress played the royal in the 2013 biopic Diana. Though the movie was panned by critics, Watts very infamously told a news publication that she felt Princess Diana gave her permission to play her in a dream.

Emma Corrin

Set to play the People’s Princess in the upcoming season 4 of The Crown. A relative newcomer to the acting industry, her previous television roles include playing Pennyworth‘s Esme Winikus, and a one-episode spot on Grantchester.

Lesley Harcourt

The 2011 Hallmark movie, William & Catherine, A Royal Love Story, had very little Princess Diana in it, but Harcourt donned a wig and played her in the opening scene. 

Genevieve O’Reilly

Famed for her role in the Star Wars prequels, the Irish actress played the People’s Princess in the 2007 TLC documentary, Diana: Last Days of a Princess, which reenacted the late monarch’s interviews and the days leading up to her tragic death in ’97.

Julie Cox

Actress Julie Cox starred in this semi-biographical film that followed Diana’s relationship with Captain James Hewitt. It was based on Hewitt’s tell-all.

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