All the Fashion Influencers Driving Change That Should Be On Your Radar

Various content creators around Dubai and the UAE are influencing change in fashion, and Woman’s Guide Middle East is here for it. For some of the influencers driving change on our list, keep reading!

Now more than ever, the world is embracing change and differences. Women of the Middle East are all slowly, but surely jumping on the trend of originality and showcasing diversity.

Today, Woman’s Guide Middle East shares some of the team’s favourite influencers driving change who are blessing our feeds one post at a time with avant-garde, out of the box fashion inspiration.

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Aqsa Mahmood Ahmed

Influencers Driving Change

Aqsa has great style when is comes to modest outfits. She occasionally adds eastern jewelry to her western outfits and creates a fusion that truly stands out. Her key to outfits is layering and playing with unique makeup looks to go with her style.

Rhea Jacobs

Not only is Rhea absolutely beautiful, but she has only been driving and embracing change since day 1 in her career as an influencer and artist. Woman’s Guide loves Rhea’s out of the box style which involves a lot of monochromatic looks, avant-garde make up styles and more. Scroll through her Instagram and you’ll find loads of inspiration on how to style your slip dresses, jackets and more.

Sui Generis

Sui Generis

Sui’s Instagram is guaranteed to blow your mind. She is a model/content creator who is “inspired by the fear of being average” to quote her from one of her IG captions. She mostly goes for bold colours and dramatic looks which are so inspired by! You should never be shy to play with colours and styles, if you ask us.

Saniya S Abdulla

If you enjoy a good styling video, you should definitely give Saniya a follow. Her feed will definitely give you great ideas on up-cycling items from your wardrobe. In her styling videos, she works with simple items like hoodies, dresses, waist coats and more. Saniya embraces culture fusions by adding a few outfit posts with her cultural clothes too.

Snetha Elizabeth Mathew

If you’re into sustainable fashion, Snetha’s Instagram is one you all need to check out.
The Woman’s Guide Middle East team not only loves her fashion sense overall but also how she mixes and matches casual and formal pieces. What we love the most? She encourages reusing your old clothes by just styling them differently. Wonder why we never thought to do so ourselves!

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