All The Mood Lifting Local Ripe Market Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

Want to try and support some new local brands? Join the club! We’re all about shopping local, and we always seem to love all the local brands at the Ripe Market – so we thought why not shed light on them in today’s piece.

For those who don’t know – The Ripe Market offers a great alternative for smaller brands to bring their passion for craft to life. The wonderful initiative currently has a pop up at Al Nakheel Mall, so you can head on there to check out all the wonderful brands we’re currently loving. Scroll for our top 5 Ripe Market picks this week:

The Ripe Market Dubai

1. Light of Sakina

Who doesn’t love a good candle? We all do right? Well these aren’t ordinary candles! Each one comes with a set of benefits that are good for the mind and soul too. Light of Sakina has got you covered with a range of mood-lifting candles giving you the essence of positivity and love.

2. Tea By M

Want happiness in a cup? Tea By M is your go-to for an organic range of herbal tea that will not only fulfil your tea cravings but also promote a healthy lifestyle – which as we all know is bound to put you in a good mood.

3. Stoners

In the midst of the craziness that is 2020, we all need some relax time. Why not add some healing energy accessories to your home with the help of spiritual designer brand Stoners? I’m pretty sure this will be our go-to this weekend.

4. Pure Beauty

And of course, we had to include some skincare in our list! Without some self care – we wouldn’t be the happy folks we are today. Pure Beauty offers a sustainable, natural range of products available at The Ripe Market. From their “Optimistic” Body Butter to else – you’re sure to find something you like here.

5. House Of Fairy Gardens

Plants you said?

*Heads to Ripe Market to buy the entire collection*

House Of Fairy Gardens offers hand crafted indoor plants for your home and workspace. We sure could use some plants to beautify our work space right about now! Happy space, happy you – eh?

Et Voila! Here are our current fave Ripe Market local brands that are bringing us joy and adding happiness to our days! Because these are all bound to up-lift your mood – we thought what better time than now to highlight them!

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