All the Netflix Movies streaming now in the UAE that should be on your radar

With the weekend fast approaching, we thought we would equip you with a list of all the movies we have recently enjoyed watching on Netflix. From horrors and crimes to sitcoms and more, find this top movies list below:

1. The Purge (2018)


It’s safe to say we’ve all watched this one when it was first released in the movies – But isn’t a rewatch just so much more satisfying? We think so.

The first Purge ever released is now on Netflix and is ready to give you all the nightmares you would wish for on a Friday pizza night in.

2. Halloween (2018)

Another horror movie.

This 2018 slasher film may be a little more on the gruesome side – but hey, who doesn’t enjoy a little gruesomeness on a cozy night in.

The plot follows a troubled, silent killer as he breaks loose and returns to kill. This time, however, the sole survivor of his previous Halloween-night massacre is ready for him, determined no longer to be a victim.

3. Modern Family (2017)

If you’ve never watched the much talked about Modern Family, now is your chance. If we had to sum this sitcom up for you in a sentence, we would have to say it’s an enjoyable, feel-good show that finds its humour in the variety and eccentricity of its characters. Give this one a go!

4. Mamma Mia (2018)

This musical romantic comedy was all the hype when it was first released. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, you’ve got to give this one a go.

5. SnowPiercer (2020)

Calling out to all you sci-fi fans – this one’s for you. We have recently reviewed SnowPiercer here.

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