Amazon Says Marhaba To Saudi Arabia

*Adds everything to cart*

Everyone’s favourite online e-retailer has officially landed in Saudi Arabia, as of last week. With the global pandemic running rife, customers have switched to shopping online and as a result, brands have moved towards boosting their e-commerce presence. has also launched many initiatives to support local businesses and boasts 40% of women working in their workforce.

We’ve rounded 5 of the best buys for shoppers here:

1. Selfie Ring Light

Up your TikTok and Zoom calls with this nifty selfie ring light that will absolutely transform the way you look on camera.

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2. Smartphone Lenses

Ever wanted how so many Instagram photographers took such aesthetic and beautiful pictures? Well, you will have to thank smartphones churning out the best camera ever every 5 months or so. But also, the power of a smartphone camera lens really changes the way your photos will look in the coming months.

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3. SPF

You may be going a little crazy reading how many times we’ve stressed about the importance of SPF but a little sunscreen never hurt anyone. Especially in the summer, make sure your face is protected every time you head out with this.

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4. Smartphone Stand

Looking to add an edge to your makeup tutorials? This smartphone stand is just what you need to make sure your phone doesn’t fall while blending in the foundation.

You’re welcome.

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5. Hair Waving Iron

Time to bring out those beachy waves. We’ve got just the hair waving iron for you that will ensure your curling process goes smoothly and safely.

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