Beauty Review: Izil Beauty’s New Golden Glow Mask

We tried and tested the Izil Beauty Golden Glow mask and we have to say, we were intrigued! Scroll below for our honest and simple review:

Priced at 132 AED, the mask uses natural complementary ingredients, namely honey, propolis, saffron and argan oil that come together to clean, clear and tighten your skin.

Izil Beauty Golden Glow Mask
Golden Glow Mask

The honey and propolis work together to open the pores and clear them of the bacteria that causes congestion, while the clay deeply penetrates the skin to remove the impurities.

Texture and Smell (Yes, we take notes!)

The texture of the mask is thick and sticky, and we don’t expect anything less from a mask that uses honey as an ingredient!

It’s worth noting that the mask smell gives it away easily too. It’s a complete saffron and honey party once you take that lid off! So if you’re a fan of those ingredients, you’ll want to get your hands on this mask.

Mask Usage & First Impressions:

Upon using the mask, you can expect your skin to manifest a brighter and smoother appearance. Interestingly enough, you will note that the mask will actually start melting off your skin if you leave it on for 10 minutes or so. That’s your sign that the mask is ready to be washed off!

We haven’t used the mask for long enough to judge how effective it is long term – but it’s always a good sign that you see results from the first get to – which indeed is the case with Izil Beauty’s Golden Glow mask.

The mask comes with an applicator which is a big bonus too. If you ask us, we’ll be using this applicator for all our other masking Tuesdays too.

You can find it online or at The Dubai Mall:

The Izil Beauty store is now open at The Dubai Mall for anyone who’s looking to treat themselves to a new mask after a long day of work.

To purchase any of your skincare needs from Izil Beauty, you can either visit their e-com store over at or buy it directly from their Dubai Mall store.

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About Izil Beauty:

Moroccan brand Izil carries with it a rich, unique heritage and promises to offer unique moments of indulgence, luxury and pampering. A big part of Moroccan heritage opens a door to beauty rituals that Moroccan women perfected throughout generations. These are rituals that use natural products made from the finest ingredients provided by nature. From the lush mountains in the north to the arid Saharan south, women rivalled in creativity and resourcefulness to create the best recipes that will keep their skin glowing and their hair strong whether they live on a high mountain, on the coast or in a harsh desert. To learn more about Izil Beauty here.

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