Best Haircut Salons in the UAE

When I first came to the UAE, I struggled big time to find the perfect salons for major makeovers, like haircuts and color changes. On the one hand, you had your super cheap offers on Groupon and similar apps which were frankly hard to resist but also hard to trust with drastic changes, and on the other you had the premium salons where you felt so out of place! Point being, it’s hard finding the right salon that’s going to get the job done without breaking the bank or make you feel uncomfortable nowadays! Okay – enough stalling. For our take on the best haircut salons, keep scrolling!

1. N Style Beauty Lounge

Located in almost any strategic location in the UAE, this global brand can whip up any style you may have been eyeing for while. Whether you’re looking to do a little trimming or a massive hair makeover, N Style Beauty Lounge has you covered. Apart from fashioning an excellent hair cut, N style also caters to all you ladies looking to get a little extra pampering with all the nail art, spa services and more.

Ask for Jonah for all your hair styling needs and you will not be disappointed!

2. MOJO Beauty Bar

Mojo Beauty Bar has been around for a while and they sure know what they’re doing. This chabby chic beauty bar can cater to your hair, nail and skin related needs. Creative coloring and cutting is one of Mojo Beauty Bar’s prime services for good reason!

The experience itself at Mojo is exceptional. We’re talking beautiful interiors, all the magazines and gorgeous coffee mugs. Ah, if we could just transport ourselves there right now.

3. WOW Beauty Salon

If there’s one thing we love about WOW Salon, it’s their Dubai Mall location. How cool would it be to run all your errands and finalize your trip to the mall by going to the hairdresser’s? We don’t know about you, but practicality is a big factor for us! We would suggest booking any major hair makeover with Fatima. She is the bomb 😉

4. Trevor Sorbie

If you’re willing to spend a little extra, we would definitely suggest Trevor Sorbie for a hair cut makeover. Pamper yourself in this premium hair salon that’s located in no other than Dubai Mall’s fashion avenue. In fact, Lindsay Lohan was only there last week. Our last hair cut appointment was with Serena Daye – ask for her and you will not be disappointed.

5. Maison De Rose

You may have stumbled upon Maison De Rose on Instagram not too long ago – They’ve made quite an impression on the UAE beauty scene with the many beautiful makeovers they have served! Whether you’re looking to color or cut, Tony’s your guy. We also have. little discount code for you guys – use LARA30 for a 30% off when you visit.

6. Belle Femme

It’s like they always say, old is gold! In Belle Femme’s case, this saying truly holds. We’ve been going to Belle Femme for quite some time and they always seem to deliver. It’s definitely a little on the pricy side – but hey, if you’re willing to invest a little for the sake of self care – do it! You might even stumble upon fashion and beauty icons on your way there, such as Fozaza or Huda Beauty.

7. Snob

You may have seen the region’s it girls post up about Snob lately. The salon which offers hair and nails services is definitely one you can trust with your hair cut. We’ve seen them work their way around short bobs, funky looks and more.

8. Sisters Beauty Lounge

Another olden, golden one! Sisters has been around for a while and have garnered a loyal clientele since their incorporation. Our favorite Sisters Beauty Lounge is located at the Dubai Mall of course – because of how practical that location is.

9. VK Beauty Ladies Salon

If you’re looking for quality on a budget, VK Beauty Ladies Salon will be one of your best bets. Of course, Katerina – the salon manager and creative director at the salon should be your go-to for any hair makeover or style required.

10. Laloge

Oh! And how could we forget, the Dubai fashionista community’s favorite Laloge. Laloge has actually been mentionned in the media far more than any other salon – and from all the makeover looks we’ve been seeing worked by the influencers of the century, its safe to say Laloge will not disappoint.

11. Community Favorites

The below salons have also been called out by our community as their favorite go-tos. Let’s have a look, see shall we?

11. Aveda

Yes, we all know Aveda the brand! But did you know Aveda has a salon too? You can find Aveda in multiple popular locations across Dubai, from Bloomingdales and Sephora to Zabeel Ladies Club and Harvey Nichols. Find the extensive location list here:

12. Tara Rose

Tara Rose Hair and Beauty Salon has been suggested to us by a member of our insta-fam as well and by the looks of it, this salon can work up quite the haircut! The salon is located in Abu Dhabi, so it’s worth checking out if you live in that side of the emirates!

13. Tips and Toes

Although the name might suggest else wise, Tips and Toes is actually one of the UAE community’s favorites when it comes to anything beauty or more specifically hair related.

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