Birkenstock Natural Skincare Launches in the UAE

Hand and footcare range with unique formula and effect will be available initially in Birkenstock shops across the country.

With BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE, the brand expands its product range with certified natural cosmetics. At the heart of this innovative line of hand and foot care products is the same raw material that is also a key component of the legendary footbed: natural cork.

Cork – or, to be more precise, the extract taken from the outer layer of the bark of the cork oak – plays a key role in the new BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE range. Best of all: cork is a renewable resource. No tree has to be chopped down for the extraction. Once it has been gently peeled, the cork layer regenerates itself. The tree sustains no damage.

From the roots to the crown, the cork oak is an ecological marvel. One special characteristic of the gnarly tree, which is around 60 million years old, is its unique ability to regenerate its bark.

The cork oak is a fascinating renewable resource because its whole cycle – from planting to recycling – benefits the environment. Cork oak forests bind approximately 14 million tons of CO2 per year and produce enough oxygen to supply a small city. They thus make a valuable contribution to climate protection.

When a cork oak is around 25 years old, it is ready to be peeled for the first time. This is carried out in the traditional manner by hand without the tree or the environment suffering any damage. Afterwards, the tree can be peeled for about one and a half centuries every nine years. This guarantees outstanding quality and sustainable cultivation.

However, cork oak forests are not only immensely important for humans. They also make a valuable contribution to the protection of biodiversity because they constitute a safe habitat for many animal species. Moreover, the biotopes regulate the water cycle, protect the soil and constitute a natural protection against fire.


It has been proven that the substance which gives the natural resource cork its special elasticity has, when used in the cosmetics industry, an anti-aging effect. On the basis of these findings, a multi-active cork oak complex was developed exclusively for BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE. It stimulates cell renewal, strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and thus improves the skin’s ability to store moisture.

For BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE, it is important that the cork oak plantations are managed in an environmentally responsible manner. Their long-term protection and consistent preservation are a top priority.

BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE stands for certified natural cosmetics made from selected ingredients with proven benefits and a polished packaging concept. All the products bear the COSMOS NATURAL certification mark and are thus subject to extremely stringent testing criteria.

A critical glance at the list of ingredients of many cosmetic products shows: certain ingredients will make skin and hair appear healthier at first sight. However, they can influence the skin’s respiratory system, its regenerating and defense abilities as well as the regulation of the skin’s moisture balance. This is because substances, such as parabens, aggressive surfactants, mineral oils, silicones, paraffins, PEGs as well as synthetic perfumes and dyes are artificially produced materials which were developed in industrial processes.

No Chemicals, No animal testing, Hygienic, safe, environmentally friendly – what more can you ask for?

BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE uses renewable raw materials, such as natural cork, and recyclable packaging. Outer packaging is avoided if possible.

A pampering experience for hands and feet

They work at full capacity every single day. That’s reason enough to keep our hands and feet healthy. The four vegan heroes of our HAND AND FOOT CARE stimulate the natural protective functions, make stressed feet fresh and fit, provide stressed hands with an extra dose of moisture and protect them against drying out. The multi-active cork oak complex exclusively developed for BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE stimulates cell renewal, strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and increases the skin’s moisture level.

Lara Geadah


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