Coming Back Stronger with Woman’s Guide: Hiba Khurram

As the UAE completely comes out of lockdown, the Woman’s Guide team reflects back at how the pandemic has allowed for a time of self-reflection and improvement for women of the UAE with a new series: “Coming Back Stronger with Woman’s Guide”

To quote Lara Geadah, Founder and Editor in Chief at Woman’s Guide:

Many of us have considered quarantine a time of self-reflection and introspection. A time when we repurposed our downtime to allow the best version of ourselves to flourish.

Today, Woman’s Guide will be dedicating a portion of its’ portal to the various women of the Middle East to share how they have adapted to the new normal, and how they plan on coming back stronger. We call this series “Coming Back Stronger with Woman’s Guide”.

Today, Woman’s Guide Middle East sits down with Hiba Khurram: student, part-time blogger, foodpreneur and the latest addition to the WG family to talk about how she plans on coming back stronger with her exciting new venture: Treat by Trio.

What inspired you to launch Treat By Trio?

Treat By Trio

My sisters and I came up with the idea behind Treat by Trio during the pandemic. When times got tough, we personally confided in sweets and delicious treats to lift up our moods almost everyday.

The pandemic got us thinking about how in both good and bad times, people can count on treats to brighten up their day – in moderation of course.

That said, myself and my sisters decided to take the plunge, put our savings into Treat by Trio and start selling our home-made desserts!

Seeing so many women make it as entrepreneurs in the UAE was an additional push for us. We would like to follow in the footsteps of Nayla Al Khaja of D-SEVEN, Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty, Rania & Zaina Kanaan of Chari Cycle as they are an inspiration to us.

Can you tell us more about Treat By Trio?

Treat By Trio

Treat By Trio is an out of home dessert business that delivers delicious donuts, cookies and more to your home. The local business has already won the hearts of many with its’ many inventions, including the Brookie Donut – a dessert that includes one layer of cookie dough and fugdy brownie batter baked in donut mould, drizzled with white chocolate.

For now, Treat by Trio will be creating dessert boxes monthly with two pickup or delivery dates, so people receive a box of freshly baked goods when they order. Our first official box will be sold this Eid Al Adha. We plan on including a mixture of baked cheesecake, brookie donuts, cakesicles, cookies and cream puffs in it.

How do you plan on expanding?

Treat By Trio

Our plan is to start making personalised dessert boxes. These are perfect for birthdays, weddings, and other occasions.

Because events have been affected during this pandemic, people can get the Treat By Trio dessert boxes delivered to their friends and families for different occasions.

Do you feel like you would have launched Treat By Trio had it not been for the occurrence of the pandemic?

Coming Back Stronger with Woman's Guide: Hiba Khurram

In complete honesty, staying at home during quarantine gave us a chance to bake more often. When school was out, we would make desserts and savoury items. To answer your question, we probably would not have decided to launch had it not been for the pandemic. I guess that’s the silver lining right there.

How do you plan on standing out amidst the competition?

We know the market is quite competitive. But with the right support from our family, friends and blogging community – we think we can overcome the challenge. We’re staying hopeful and are thrilled to try out more recipes.

As food bloggers, we also always get to try different unique desserts all around Dubai. That’s actually another reason we got inspired to make our own desserts.

What do you aim to achieve through Treat By Trio?

Our goal will be to come up with loads of new desserts and make sure we have something for everyone. 

Is there a motto you feel goes with Treat by Trio?

To us, you don’t need a celebration to have desserts, only cravings! Our goal is to satisfy them by increasing our range of desserts as best as we can. 

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