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Let’s agree on one thing: Nobody likes clutter. It’s that thing that’s always in your face, that’s so difficult to get rid of. But here’s the thing: it’s so darn difficult ridding your home of it. It’s like every time we take a step towards tidying up our home, clutter takes over again – and our increased time spent at home isn’t helping.

Ankita Magdani, who is a Mental Health Therapist, Career and Mindset Coach based in Dubai explains that when we constantly look at disorganized things, we feel disorganized too. Since our eyes are exposed to disorder, subconsciously disorder in behaviors or mood will be executed. Feeling confused, disoriented or disordered then becomes the new normal because we are surrounded by litter.

Ankita Magdani, a Mental Health Therapist, Career and Mindset Coach based in Dubai

When we feel we are limited in space mentally or physically, stress will slowly take over. And stress produces chemical call cortisol and makes us live in survival mode.

Don’t worry, we’re on your wavelength – it’s time we invest our time and energy in getting the house tidy by decluttering for the long run.

We’d like to tidy up that messy pile of clothes we’ve been staring at all day without having to do the same job again next week, or maybe even clean up and organize our kitchen counter. Where do we start? Do we need to hire a de-cluttering expert?

The Woman’s Guide team tapped Talah, a blogger and decluttering and organizing enthusiast to share her top tips. Let’s hear it Talah!

1. Use uniform hangers in your closet.

This will help you declutter by getting rid of your mismatched hangers. Having the same hangers will definitely maximize your closet space and unify the look. But remember, there are lots of hangers in the market so aim to choose a hanger that isn’t bulky and would hold on to your clothes. Tip: Velvet hangers are my favorite.

2. Wash and store all your produce

Wash and store fruits, vegetables and herbs in the fridge at the beginning of the week.

Believe me – just taking the time to wash your produce all at once would make it a whole lot easier to prepare a salad, cook a meal or to just grab fruit and go during your busy week

3. Purchase a small laundry basket

A large laundry basket leads to a large pile up of clothes. By purchasing a small one you’ll have to wash & fold your clothes in smaller loads. You never know, maybe you won’t dread doing the laundry anymore!

4. Embrace using baskets

Baskets are my favorite, they’re versatile. Plus, they come in many shapes, colors and styles. Choose a set of baskets that would match with your space and use them to group like items together such as: swimsuits, fruits, toilet rolls, chips, and pantry extras.

See you could literally use them anywhere!

5. Try tidying your living space before going to bed, especially if you’re working from home

Waking up to a clean living area will definitely make you feel more fulfilled and energized in the morning.

But what items do you actually need in your home? We often feel like clutter qualifies as anything that sits in our homes rent-free (Heya tiktok), but doesn’t show up with much value. Accordingly to Talah, adding certain items to your home can free your home of all the clutter:

  1. Label printer – If you don’t have a label printer you’re missing out big time. What are you waiting for! Not only does labeling helps you categorize items into groups, it also helps you find your items quicker than usual. There are many label printers in the market so choose one with a font and label that match your style.. Invest in label printer, I promise you won’t regret it.
  • Wire organizing box – This box is originally a photo organizer but you could use it to store your wires and cables (HDMIs,  USBs, and earphones). How many times have you looked for the camera charger and it was nowhere to be found? Save your time looking and just organize your cables. 
  • Godmorgon (Set of 5 boxes with lids) – Use these boxes to declutter the tiny items in your drawers. I personally use them to store my hygiene essentials in the bathroom. Plus they’re very beautiful to look at.
  • Velvet Hanger – What I love about velvet hanger is that they’re non-slip. How many times have you looked for that off-shoulder blouse and found it on the floor days later? Save your items for falling off by using velvet hanger.
  • Nissafors trolley – A trolley is a lifesaver in places you need extra storage like the bathroom, kitchen or even outdoor. I like to use my trolley for drinks and extra plates when I have guests over. Plus, you could roll wherever you want. Believe me, trolleys are versatile and could be used anywhere!

Lara Geadah


Lara is an entrepreneur, marketing agency owner, content creator and the founder of Woman’s Guide Middle East. During her downtime, Lara likes to watch horror movies or shoot content. Keep up with her on the gram at "Lara's Happy Work"

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