Everything You Need To Know About Skincare in The Summer

Summer is almost here, and this is the perfect time to switch up your skincare routine. Whether its avoiding products that clog your pores or sweat-induced breakouts to protecting your skin under face masks and more, we’ve got you with our strategic beauty swaps! Here’s a list of tips that will keep you and your skin in peak condition for a hot girl summer like never before.

1. It’s all about the lightness

Your skin-care routine for the summer will need to be lightweight. Similar to us trading in the full sleeves and winter coats, we need to double back on the amount of residue on our face. We recommend using a gentle, foam cleanser as opposed to an oil-based one.

2. Tints are in. Let’s go dual purpose!

Ever heard of tinted moisturizers? They’re actual life savers with their dual-purpose brilliance, we recommend switching to a combination moisturizer and sunscreen for the season. Look for something lightweight that’s ideally SPF20 and higher. This will ensure you don’t get clogged pores, inflammation and acne breakouts. Try the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer.

3. Stay Hydrated

Avoid build-up of oily skin by ensuring your hydration levels are always replenished. During the summer, the skin can lose up to nearly a cup of moisture throughout the day, so we recommend using an on-the-go facial mist like Sukin’s Hydrating Mist Toner.

4. Don’t forget the SPF

We can’t stress how important sunscreen is for your face, especially when living in the Middle East. Protect your skin from premature ageing with Caudalie’s Anti-ageing Milky Sun Spray SPF 50 for body and face. Using minimal filters that are safe for both the skin and the environment, this new formula protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays while hydrating the skin.

5. Indulge in some vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is a powerhouse ingredient in the beauty world and its all the more of a game changer, especially in the summer. Vitamin C prevents hyperpigmentation, reduces the appearance of fine lines and produces collagen. Try layering a few drops on your skin between cleaning and moisturizing, a good option to use would be Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Crème.

6. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Exfoliation is such an important step to do, especially in the hotter months. If you have oily skin, we suggest incorporating more exfoliation into your daily routine in order to unblock those pores and remove oils that causes nasty acne breakouts. This energizing mask by Kiehl’s is sure to be a constant in your weekly routine, from now on.

7. Limit your long showers

We know this doesn’t sound like the best tip but hear us out, because of constant sweating, many of us tend to over-shower in water that’s boiling hot (you know who you are) and that can lead to over-drying of skin and sometimes to summertime eczema.


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