Experience the “A-Beauty” Trend with Sukin – Australia’s #1 Natural Skincare Brand

New Research has found that during COVID-19 consumer sentiment and desire around natural products has begun to shift. Whilst a clear stance on what synthetic ingredients are not used in natural formulas, or as Sukin articulates it – our ‘No List’, is still an obvious requirement, more and more consumers are beginning to look for products that can simplify their beauty routine. More than 1 in 3 European women are looking for their beauty routine to help them relax & destress (Mintel, 2020), meanwhile globally consumers are making active changes to their purchasing habits, to help reduce their environmental impact (McKinsey, 2020). Consumers are also taking a more invested approach to ingredients, with 47% of Beauty users in the USA paying more attention to active ingredients in their beauty products compared to a year ago (Mintel/Lightspeed, 2019).

This natural evolution has seen the emergence of a new trend globally, A-Beauty.

A-Beauty (or Australian Beauty) reflects the Australian way of life. Hardworking yet laid-back, and with an inherent affinity for the natural environment. A-Beauty is all about simple, naturally beautiful products featuring powerful ingredients that do what they claim to do. A-Beauty perfectly ties into current trends of transparency, simplicity, & the expectation of efficacious ingredients. With Australia’s #1 Natural Skincare brand; Sukin, leading the way.

Sukin was born from a place of boundless special, surrounded by rich earth, sea and sky. We come from fresh air and humble origins. Pure Australian beauty. Inside and out. Our ingredients are inspired by an ageless landscape. rich with minerals and nourishing botanicals. Quality that runs deep through our land.

Just like our nature, our approach to skincare, is simple. We are relaxed, easygoing, laid back with a sun-kissed confidence. Our natural ingredients work to nourish your skin for a truly Australian glow.

Unfortunately, we can’t put Australia in a bottle, but we can bring you its beauty. 

Quality runs deep in our soil, which inspires us to formulate with natural ingredients, nurtured by the elements. Our ingredients are 98.8% natural, bursting with antioxidants and actives to bring out the best of your skin. We pair deeply hydrating Kakadu Plum, relaxing Eucalyptus, balancing Lemon Myrtle, and soothing Tasmanian Pepper with some iconic ingredients from around the world, nourishing Rosehip, calming Chamomile and antioxidant-rich Greens. 

No false promises, no harmful processes, we just use ingredients from nature that work.

Every drop of Sukin is the quality thar runs deep through our land. This is why we’re not just made in Australia; we’re made from Australia. 

Here are Sukin’s top best-sellers, as special as the land it comes from:

Lara Geadah


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