Here’s Something You Can Do This Valentine’s Day: Make a Cake with Sage!

As we approach the most Romantic time of the year, Sage Appliances has partnered with celebrity chef ‘Gregoire Berger’ to create an amazing four layer ‘Rose & Milk’ Valentine’s cake to celebrate love and enjoy special flavors of intimacy with your loved ones.

As a global industry leader that is continuously looking to expand its operations all over the world and solidify its presence in the GCC market, Sage helps families create their own magical dinners. Through “Food Thinking”. Sage provides consumers with a “Mastery in a Box” service – innovative products which simplify and make the process of creation pleasurable, and the end result perfect, each and every time. Sage also focuses on a “Master Every Moment” empowerment strategy, designed to assist customers, and provide them with the best experience possible while using any of their products. 

The delectable ‘Rose & Milk’ cake was created with the help of two of Sage’s premium high-end products ‘the Smart Oven Air Fryer’ & ‘the Bakery Boss’ mixer.

Here are some recipe tips from the celebrity chef on how to prepare your masterpiece four-layer Rose & Milk cake at home.

Rose Milk Sponge:


120 g white eggs, 120 g sugar, 110 g milk, 40 g egg yolk, 45 g melted butter, 5 g vanilla extract, 10 g rose water, 100 g flour, 15 g corn starch, 5 g baking powder.


Whip the white egg and gradually add in the sugar. In a bowl, mix the yolk, milk, vanilla, rose water and melted butter. Add to this mixture the powders (flour, corn starch and baking powder) and mix it well using the Bakery Boss mixer from Sage. Add in 3 spoons of whipped white eggs, mix 

until combined, then pour it on the whipped white eggs. Finally pour into a 16cm ring mould and cook it at 160° for 15 minutes using Sage’s Smart Oven air fryer.

Raspberry & Litchi Confit:


200g of raspberry puree, 100g of frozen raspberry, 20g of water, 60g of monk fruit sugar, 6g of pectin NH, 200g of chopped mix berries, 10g of lemon juice, 4 gelatine leaves.


Put the gelatine leaf in cold water, add in the raspberries purée, frozen raspberries and mix berries and let it heat at 60°. Mix the sugar and pectin NH then add it to the raspberry and let it boil for 4 minutes. Add the lemon juice and gelatine leaf. Cling film a 16 cm ring, pour inside 150g of confit, and put in blast chiller at a 1.5 cm height.

Rose Milk Mousse:


740 g heavy cream, 315 g unsweetened condensed milk, 7 gelatine leaves, 150 g crispy yogurt, 80 gr of rose water.


Put the gelatine in cold water before including 50 g of heavy cream, add gelatine leaves and melt it in medium heat. Let it cool down, mix it with a whisk to make it soft, whip the heavy cream and condensed milk before finally adding melted gelatine and rose water and folding into it the crispy yoghurt.

Crystallized Rose Petal:


50 g white egg, 100 g sugar, Rose Petal.


Properly clean the petal with water and vinegar and let them dry. Afterwards brush them with a bit of white egg, cover them with sugar and let them dry over a night in a drier.

Red Shinny Glaze


150 g water, 300 g caster sugar, 300 g Glucose, 200 g concentrate milk, 140 g gelatin masse, 300 g white chocolate, XS Red color.


Bring water, sugar, glucose and concentrate milk to 103°C and then add gelatin mass. After that add the chocolate and purple color and mix properly without adding air inside. Leave it to rest in the fridge for an overnight before finally heating it at 40°C.

Rice Crispy Crust


3 TBSP Butter, 1.5 Tsp Vanilla extract, 45 g Rice crispy, 300 g Marshmallows.


Spray a square form pan with baking spray. Melt the butter over low heat in a large heavy bottom pot. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove from heat and add vanilla and mix until incorporated. Finally add the cereal and mix until well coated, form the rice crispy treats into the spring form pan. Cut as desired.

Products used for the ‘Rose & Milk’ cake include the smart Oven Air Fryer and the Bakery Boss Mixer

Sage Appliances website offers further details about their products and enables online placement of orders.

Lara Geadah


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