ModBeautyKeeper Is Re-inventing with a Hijabi Beauty Offering

If there was such a thing as Hijabi beauty, this would be it. This holiday season, here’s a tool to gift the modest beauty enthusiast that you know dearly. It will not only fuel the inner artist in her, but also help keep the make-up off of her hijab in style. Say hello to ModBeautyKeeper, a handwoven, environmentally-conscious and sustainable beauty tool designed to be Hijabi beauty friendly by preventing make-up from accidentally transferring onto your hijab during application.

This uniquely designed, reusable beauty tool can be used with every type of hijab style and allows beauty enthusiasts to apply their products without removing the hijab and while avoiding any stains or smudges. Nothing makes a make-up lover happier than a thoughtful beauty gift for the holidays that can help her do it better.

Hijabi Beauty: ModBeautyKeeper

Priced at just AED 80, this safe and hygienic beauty tool comes in a reusable pouch. The pouch also includes six pairs of the Peel-Press-Release adhesive pads which can also be purchased separately at AED 45 for a pack of 30 pairs.

You can also get the ModBeautyKeeper at 10% OFF using the festive code ‘Holiday2020’  @

To find out more about MODBEAUTYKEEPER or purchase your new favourite beauty tool, visit or stay up to date on social by following @ModBeautyKeeper on Instagram and Facebook. 

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