Justice for George Floyd – How You Can Make A Change

Like many of you, we are sickened by the murder of George Floyd. At the age of 46, George Floyd was arrested by police outside a shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota where his life was taken away. Footage that has since gone live for the world to see shows a white police officer, Derek Chauvin, kneeling on Mr Floyd’s neck while he was pinned to the floor.

Based on sources, the incident began with a report of a fake $20 bill. George Floyd had bought a pack of cigarettes from a grocery store, and when the store employee believed it to be counterfeit – he reported it to police. Shortly after the call, two police officers arrived. “After approaching the car, one of the officers, Thomas Lane, pulled out his gun and ordered Mr Floyd to show his hands”, sources disclose.

George Floyd was pulled out of his car, handcuffed and restrained – and what started with an alleged $20 fake bill ended with Mr Floyd pleading for his mother and begging for the police to unrestrained him as he could not breath. For eight minutes and 46 seconds, Mr Chauvin kept his knee on Mr Floyd’s neck, the prosecutors’ report says, restricting Mr Floyd from breathing.

For more information on the key events that led to Mr Floyd’s death, please click here

Ways You Can Actually Help:

This doesn’t go away once the topic isn’t “trending”. There are various ways you can help influence change and stop racism. Various entities have spoken up to ensure you’re well aware that you can sign petitions, donate, and do much more to put a stop to this.

1. Donate

Help George Floyd’s family and others who have suffered losses due to racism by donating to one of the below entities:

2. Sign Petitions

Visit Black Lives Matter to learn about the various petitions you can sign. If you are an international and aren’t able to sign, here are some zip codes you can use:

90015 – LA, California

10001 – NYC, New York

75001 – Dallas, Texas 

3. Text or Call 

Visit Black Lives Matter for various numbers you can text / call to take action. 

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