Meet UAE Homegrown Brand Narges Organics, a Healthy Organic Hair and Skincare Line

Narges Organics

Yes! Narges Organics is the insta-brand you’ve been seeing all over the internet, and we’re here now to spill the tea and show you all there is to know about this ethically sustainable brand.

Female-founded Nargés Organics supplies a natural, organic & cruelty free line of hair and skincare which is free from artificial, synthetic and other toxic ingredients.

The brand purely sources all ingredients, using such ingredients as real plants, herbs and fruits – making it loved by many.

Scroll through for some of our editor’s picks:


Anyone up for some hydration? Get your hands on this hydrating face mask made with a blend of powerful antioxidant rich powders and rich essential oils. If you’re looking to combat signs of ageing & dark spots and leave your skin supple and nourished, then this is the mask for you. It also promotes a brighter looking complexion & enhances your skin’s elasticity, battling pigmentation, blemishes and acne scars. 

This mask is perfect for Combination / Oily Skin types.


Narges Organics exquisite hair oil offers a blend of wondrous nutrient rich ingredients. Enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids, this product has been tailored to nourish the follicles and promote healthy hair growth by improving circulation. Its rich Vitamin E content help in reducing free radical damage, brittleness and dryness.


Packed with plant nutrients, minerals and antioxidants, Narges Organic’s hair rinse works to help restore the moisture and shine in your hair. Using the organic power of herbs, Narges Organics hair rinse will take your beauty routine to the next level and give you shiny, healthy hair.

Apart from taking organic beauty to a whole new level, the brand is female-founded – which is always a plus if you ask us.

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