Must-Have Beauty Products For Oily Skin

Fellow oily skin gals, oily skin is beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Skincare is all about choosing the right products to fit your skin type, take it from us! We have narrowed down a couple of tried and tested products that work well with oily skin. Here. You. Go!

1. Oil Free Moisturizer, Sukin

Within this 4-step Blemish Control Kit routine is a hidden gem we literally swear by: The Oil Free Moisturiser to clarify and balance skin through willow herb, quince and moringa.

This product is a must for any oily skinned gal to moisturize and mattify the skin before applying any make up. Not only will this product help with your daily hydration efforts, but will also ensure your face doesn’t look oily and is simply “mattified”.

2. Luna Mini 2, Foreo

Cleansing the skin is important, especially for those prone to excess oil and breakouts.

That said, sometimes your hands alone won’t cut it. That’s where the FOREO comes into play. Made for complexions that experience both dry and oily areas, the brush uses T-sonic technology to gently massage the skin, exfoliate the complexion and get rid of pore-clogging dirt and debris in one simple step. Pair it with your favourite face wash and you won’t be sorry.

3. Purifying Exfoliating Facial Polish, Urban Veda

The right scrub can really help manage your oily skin.

Removing dead skin cells from skin’s surface and excess oil and sebum will give you fresh looking skin free from shine too. Urban Veda’s Purifying Exfoliating Facial Polish deeply cleanses and tightens pores while mattifying your face. The formula is infused with bioactive botanicals of wild mint, eucalyptus and hazel to detoxify congested skin and leave you feeling refreshed.

4. Perfect Cover BB Cream, Missha

If you want a little more coverage, a BB cream is the right way to go in the summer for oily skin.

Piling on full coverage products is just asking for the sun to melt them away, so sticking with something light—and matte, of course—will keep your oil at bay and your confidence levels high. Missha’s BB Cream is the right balance of coverage and light!

5. Clay-Based Mask, Flormar

Clay-based masks can help absorb excess oil which is perfect for oily skin. A great product to use is Flormar’s Clay Based Mask.

With its creamy texture that spreads easily and clay-based purifying formula, the mask seeps into dirt within minutes and effortlessly removes dirt from the skin when rinsed with warm water after it dries.

Suitable for dry and oily skin, the Clay Mask cleanses the skin of dead cells and allows you to achieve a healthy and well-cared for appearance.

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