Ramadan Home Interiors Inspiration: 5 Steps with Reem from Fashion Gone Home

Reem from @Fashion.Gone.Home shares the simplest, most affordable ways to turn your house into a little Ramadan Haven

Step 1: Change up your coffee table display

Clear it out & make space for your favorite small serving bowls filled with dates, nuts, dried fruits and anything your heart (or tummy!) desires when you first break your fast.

This will not only give you a Ramadan styled focal point, it is also very useful during these holy times.

To help you pick the best bowls, or serving plates, look for 3 things:

either moon/star shaped plates, oriental patterns, or carved steel.

Step 2: Dedicate a Prayer Corner

Whether you yourself pray, or have guests who do, or are looking for symbolic decorations (like the corner designated for the Christmas tree), make some space and just

A) Layer existing rugs from around your house, different styles, different materials are most welcomed; we are looking to create coziness here!

B) Add the praying rug on top & make sure it is in the correct position facing the Kaaba.

C) Add cushions for decoration, and to add depth to this corner. Small, big, floor ones, regular ones, doesn’t matter!

D) Place a book reader stand to place your Quran on

E) Add candles or lanterns

Step 3: Scent Your Home

What better way to step into Ramadan than with the smell of Oud? 

Make sure to add a scent diffuser anywhere around your house, whether the traditional one, or a more modern one, and add the smell of Oud itself, or a similar woody scent that most satisfies you/your nose.

Step 4: Get yourself a Tarboush

Christmas pictures are always fun because someone is surely wearing a Santa hat, well, let’s do the same for Ramadan!

Buy a Tarboush & whether you display it around the house for decoration, or have guests use it as a prop for pictures, a Tarboush, or Fez hat, is a great signature of the Arab culture, & I personally decided it should be one of the Ramadan props too!

Step 5: Light up Your House

It’s unfortunate that we don’t have access to our favorite tents this year due to Covid, but who said that will stop us from feeling like we’re in a tent?

The quickest, simplest, cheapest way to recreate that mood, is by using fairy lights!

Just hang them on your ceiling in a shape of a tent, or scatter them all over the corner of your floors, whichever display you choose, it won’t matter, because just having these fairy lights, in any shape or form, is a total mood setter!

Lara Geadah


Lara is an entrepreneur, marketing agency owner, content creator and the founder of Woman’s Guide Middle East. During her downtime, Lara likes to watch horror movies or shoot content. Keep up with her on the gram at "Lara's Happy Work"

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