Self-Care Tips During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Self-care is extremely important for one’s well-being and has proven to be more critical during the unexpected coronavirus situation. The continuous feelings of isolation and loneliness can take a toll on our mental health and well-being.

Self-care is all about focusing on your own physical and mental health. The ways to do that might be different for each person and can change according to many different factors, but the main goal is to reduce anxiety and stress. 

This year, celebrate this day by reflecting on the impact self-care has had on you, while planning for the future. Listed below are products we guarantee you won’t be able to live without after your first use: 

Essentials For Your Next Bath

  • Johnson’s One Minute Face Mask: This simple and quick face mask is the greatest method to cleanse your skin. You can also enjoy all of the additional benefits that its natural components have to offer. 
  • Dr Teals Salts: These convenient salts instantly help soothe your whole body while being surrounded in a positive and de-stressing environment. These also help in the revitalization of fatigued, aching muscles, as well as the appearance of the skin.
  • Hair Masks from The Lab Room Arabia: This company’s hair masks moisturizes, nourishes, and revitalizes dry, damaged, and brittle hair. They use natural ingredients, such as cedar, cypress and pine. Not only do their hair masks make hair shine, but they also help relax the mind. Using these after conditioning your hair achieves greater results.
  • Shampoos from Hask: One major difference between Hask shampoos and other shampoos is the absence of any toxic chemicals that damage your hair. Their products help in the healing of damaged hair, leaving you with a lustrous, frizz-free finish.
  • Lip Scrub from Farm House: This is the lip scrub of your dreams! It uses Georgian grown cane sugar to give your lips a soft texture.
  • Herbal Essentials Illuminating Mask: This glorious mask turns dull and tired skin into radiant and illuminating, with the use of completely natural resources.

And don’t think we’ve forgotten about the men! Listed below are products specifically made to tackle male hair and skin-care problems:

  • Atelier Des Elements Masks: Atelier des Elements is the first Emirati skin care brand for males, situated in Dubai, UAE. They use premium quality ingredients to help solve issues such as dry skin, dark circles, and acne.
  • Nola by Gala: This natural hair serum is made exclusively for men to tackle male hair problems while helping the hair grow faster and healthier.

We hope that you love these products as much as we do, and we wish you a happy International Self Care Day!

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