The 12 Signs As Living Rooms

If there was something that we love reading more about, it has to be astrology!

We can’t think of a better way to kick-off our first astrology article than with the 12 zodiac signs as living rooms. 

Scroll below to check them out:

1. Aries

Often dubbed the leaders of the pack, first in line to get things going.

This sign is all about being impressive, which is why we think this dreamy but striking living room is so them.

2. Taurus

Nothing says Taurus like comfort and indulgence, your Taurus are all about self-care and feeling like home in their cozy surrounds. Which is why we think nothing quite sums them up like this room.

3. Gemini 

If there was a sign that wasn’t afraid to mix it up and standout – it would be a Gemini.

Smooth talking, witty and full of random trivia facts, Geminis are known for taking crazy by the horns which is why they’ll feel right at home in this beautiful airy living room space.

4. Cancer 

No one quite gets in their feelings like a Cancer.

This sign is known for being extraordinarily protective of their love ones and are a loyal to a fault. Which is why we think this space radiates our friendship with our Cancer friends – calm, care and love.

5. Leo

If there was a sign that loves tooting their own horn, there is no quite like the bold Leo. Expect a home as dynamic as their personality – think trendy elements paired with stylish art pieces. Some Leos would even have self-portraits hanging in their home! 

6. Virgo

Organization is thy middle name.

Every Virgo to ever Virgo knows how brutally efficient and practical they are with each aspect of their lives. Expect minimalism mixed with a warm farmhouse-rustic theme to reign here. Little hints of expression also showcase their many interests with accessories and design.

7. Libra

Flirty, fun and totally zen, that’s how we describe Libra.

Being one of the most sociable signs in the zodiac, their home often plays host to many gatherings by friends, family and loved ones. Expect a home as welcoming as this sign with a laid-back design that’s reminiscent of a free spirit.

8. Scorpio

The most mysterious sign of the zodiac.

Scorps are famed for their wicked intellect, dark humor and enigmatic ways. Expect an abode as mysterious and lush as the sign itself. Think classic elegance with a bold touch of luxury.

9. Sagittarius

A sign that appreciates adventure and is not shy to take risks and explore its wild side. That being said, Sags often boast bright, fun-filled homes that’s filled with treasures they’ve picked up on their many travels. 

10. Capricorn

Steady, hardworking with an eye on the prize approach to life.

Capricorns are legendary for playing the long game. However, these work hard and play hard types adore mixing minimalism with maximal elements, ensuring their homes are dripping with luxury. 

11. Aquarius

The dreamer. The status quo breaker.

This sign approaches life by living at its own pace and often strays away from the norm. Because of their dreamy aspirations, they cling to creative surrounds filled with bright, boho chic colours. Expect quirky and creative in their homes. 

12. Pisces

This water sign feels everything all the more.

Which is why we recommend embracing your nature and going for rich, soothing tones that brighten up the room. Think funky art deco pieces, cozy rooms and jewel colours. 

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