The 2021 Oscars Have Been Officially Postponed

The 2021 Oscars Have Been Delayed

Will next year be the year of Zoom awards ceremonies? 

Will Margot Robbie be nominated for Birds of Prey?

Will the rise of streaming affect who gets nominated?

All these questions have been answered by the Academy themselves and the awards ceremony is set to take place on April 25, 2021 instead of February 28, 2021. The widely anticipated news came out of the academy’s board of governors meeting. The group also extended the eligibility period in which films must be released to qualify for an award.

“For over a century, movies have played an important role in comforting, inspiring and entertaining us during the darkest of times. They certainly have this year,” Academy President David Rubin and Academy CEO Dawn Hudson said in a statement. “Our hope, in extending the eligibility period and our Awards date, is to provide the flexibility filmmakers need to finish and release their films without being penalized for something beyond anyone’s control.”

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To be eligible for an award, films usually must be released in the calendar year before the awards show, but now must have a qualifying release date between Jan. 1, 2020 and Feb. 28, 2021. That seems unlikely to be a permanent change.

But with many movies unable to open in regular theaters due to the coronavirus outbreak and moving instead to streaming services, the academy said it will consider films that were released digitally and did not play in theaters. The movies must have had a planned theatrical release and be made eligible for Academy members to view via streaming.

Eight of the last 10 Academy Awards ceremonies have been held in February, while two were in March. The 2021 ceremony is set to air on ABC.

On Friday, the academy announced it plans to create a task force to develop new inclusion standards for Oscar eligibility, although any changes made would not affect films submitted in 2020.


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