The Best UAE Netflix Thrillers Available for Streaming Now

You’re about to be mindblown

Looking to level up your entertainment consumption? Say no more.

As we continue to #SocialDistance at home, there’s no better time to indulge in some thriller movies. For those of us who enjoy a good “mind trip”, that means looking for all the thought-provoking thrillers we can dig up from the comfort of our homes.

Here below are some of our favorite thrillers, streaming now on Netflix. While some of these may be new releases, others are older goldies.

1. Fractured

An American psychological thriller film, this movie will hit the spot for lovers of all things mystery. Fractured is a movie that will have you second-guess yourself and questioning many events in the plot.

If you enjoy a little mind twist, you’d better give this film a chance.

2. A Cure For Wellness

When a young executive is sent to look for a colleague who has abruptly flew to a rehabilitation center, the film takes an interesting turn of events. With its’ impeccable cinematography and captivating, thought-provoking turn of events, this film is worth the watch.

3. The Juror

Starring Demi Moore, this film revolves around a single mother who is pursued by an assassin. The plot gets more and more interesting as it unravels and an interesting dynamic grows between the characters.

4. The General’s Daughter

The General’s Daughter follows a war veteran as he attempts to uncover the mystery behind the mysterious death of a general’s daughter. John Travolta’s starring role in this film makes for an exemplary performance that is worth the watch.

5. Fracture

If you’re into legal movies and thrillers, then this movie will tick all the boxes for you. Starring Ryan Gosling and Anthony Hopkins, this film will grab you right from the start. Follow a hot-shot lawyer as he puts the pieces together to uncover this murder mystery. Oh, and Ryan’s good looks are obviously a bonus for the ladies!

6. Velvet Buzzsaw

Rhodora (Rene Russo) and Morf (Jake Gyllenhaal) gaze into the abyss in Dan Gilroy’s Velvet Buzzsaw.

Velvet Buzzsaw is somewhere in between being a drama and a thriller. I don’t know how some sources actually categorized it as a horror – it’s not scary at all. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal (One of actor crushes, by the way) in an impeccable performance as an art critic. I know, super different from other roles we’ve seen Jake play. Ugh, I love him. The real fun starts when paintings by an unknown artist are discovered and a supernatural force enacts revenge on those who have allowed their greed to get in the way of art.

7. Annihilation

Perhaps one of my fave horror movies, Annihilation could easily also be categorized as a fantasy or a thriller. This horror / thriller movie gives you a peak into an imaginative world filled with breathtaking creations. The ending leaves you with a million questions – which is one of the things I also love about this movie so much. It makes you think!

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