The Perfect Quarantine Date Night

Social distancing has put quite a damper on people’s love lives.

But for those who are quarantining with their SOs (significant other) like Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes or even making it work via Zoom, we’ve got just the thing to keep the flame alive with these five awesome date night ideas.

1. Flash To The 80s With VOX Cinemas Drive-in

Having opened to the public on May 17th, Majid Al Futtaim announced the launch of the VOX Cinemas Drive-In on the rooftop of Mall of the Emirates. Reacting to the temporary closure of cinemas, the new drive-in cinema will be a safe and cute way to a spend date night with your SO.

The rooftop will be ‘transformed into a moonlit outdoor movie theatre’, which sounds absolutely awesome. Evening screenings will be held at 7:30pm, and all staff will follow social distancing measures so you can chill in style. Each car (for two people max) costs about AED 180 each and includes the movie, an F&B snack pack full of caramel popcorn, salt popcorn, nachos, M&Ms, soft drinks and water.

Make your booking at VoxCinemas.Com

2. Cook Up a Storm with Your Better Half 

Meals are normally a team effort or a solo project (with a collaborator who helps with sides or so). That’s why we recommend a dedicated cooking night where one person takes full control of the kitchen and the other person takes another.

What better way to show your appreciation, am I right?

Check out these foodie accounts for inspiration.

3. Treat Yourselves 

Nothing says love like a dedicated day filled with pampering. Whether it’s doing cute K-beauty sheet masks together, doing mani-pedis (because grooming is important, believe us) and giving each other massages using essential oils from Rituals or Bath & Body Works.

There’s nothing like a little self-care date to keep the love alive.

4. Have a DIY Wine and Paint Night 

Nothing gets those creative juices flowing like a relaxing night in painting and sipping wine. We personally think Reese Witherspoon was onto something special with this idea.

You can order canvas’, paint and brushes from a supermarket near your or pick it up from your local art supply store. As for the alcohol, MMI and African & Eastern have kicked off home delivery since April, so you’re all set for an evening of fun and laughter.

Cheers to that!

5. Cheese Boards and Travel Vision Boards Galore

At the expense of sounding a tad bit Pinterest obsessed, this sounds like something straight out of my Lifetime movie dreams.

Spending an evening enjoying a well-thought out cheese board (with the perfect wine pairings) and planning your next great holiday sounds absolutely heavenly, especially now.

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