Father’s Day Gift Guide: Shop The Best Gifts for Dad (Or husband!)

We know what you’re thinking. What are they trying to sell us now? Trust us, we’re doing you a favor with our suggestions! If you’re scrambling for a present for your dad or husband, we’ve got you covered. Go beyond the mundane ideas and usual wallet suggestions – and instead buy your dad a gift he will definitely remember!

Our dads all work so hard to put a smile on our face, so we’ll take any occasion to put a smile on theirs. Scroll for our father’s day gift guide:

Male Skincare from Atelier Des Elements

Let’s get one thing straight: skincare is not only for women. Men too should be using the right skincare products and tools to ensure they look their best, at all times. Whether it’s a scrub, mask, eye booster or else, Atelier Des Elements has got you hooked with a suitable range of skincare for men. The best part? Their products are formulated to address the toll middle eastern weather can have on our skin. Heat, humidity, wind and desert dust have nothing on us (or your dad!) with this new Emirati skincare brand for men around to address all these issues!

Perfume of Dreams from Histoire De Parfums

Father's Day Gift Guide

Honor your dad like a pro with a perfume he will definitely like from Histoire de Parfums. Governed by luxuriant imagination, the brand stands out. The creation process includes an unexpected component, to obtain an original and surprising collection – so you can rest assure your dad won’t be smelling like his friends all evening!

Men Slippers from Maison Eli

Father's Day Gift Guide

We all need a pair of comfy slippers to elevate our time spent at home, and these slippers from Maison Eli will have your dad never wanting to leave the house again! Shop them from BEYOU boutique now.

Headset from Devialet

Father's Day Gift Guide

Go the extra mile with a speaker for your dad! Your dad loves you, but he could definitely use a break from being a dad. Gift him a pair of speakers that will literally block all the noise and allow him to disconnect for a while.

Beard Oil / Brush from Formule de Grass

Father's Day Gift Guide

Yes, that’s a thing! Formule de Grass‘s beard oil and brush are a true game changer for men. Men can apply the oil on their beard and use the brush to brush in upward direction if their beards are ever feeling too dry.

The BEYOU Gift Card

If you’re a libra (like me, the person writing this blog – Hi! I’m Lara!) and can’t make up your mind – then you’ll probably want to go for the BEYOU gift card. You can literally use it across the entire store and use it to shop online too. You can spend as little as 100 AED or as much as 1000 AED – it’s completely up to you!

This father’s day, plan ahead and make sure you invest in the right gift for your dad – cause he deserves it!

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