Working from Home Cheat Sheet: Products, Suggestions, and More

Working from home is so convenient right? Until the cat pukes on your computer, that is. And across the street, your neighbor, who you can only guess is creating a time machine, begins firing up all kinds of power equipment and deafening gear.

For many professions, COVID-19 has made remote work a necessity rather than a luxury. But which environment allows us to be more productive: the home office or the office office?

In the office office, your colleagues often pose the greatest threat to keeping you from getting some real, heads-down work done. They come to your desk, strike up a conversation with you, and invite you to lunch. The social benefits are good to have, but if you’re easily distracted, they can become a challenge.

While family members might be a distraction in the home office, it’s all too simple to become your own worst enemy. Because you’re not surrounded by employees, you’re free to let go of those bothersome inhibitions. No one is watching at the home office. You aren’t under the same peer pressure or sense of collective need to get things done. 

Here are some pointers on how to make it work:

Setting the Alarm

Take breaks at regular intervals. Set an alarm for every hour or so to get up and stretch (standing desks, which may entail perching your laptop on top of a bookcase at home, are also beneficial to your overall health).  While on the phone with a friend, take a walk around your house. Lunch should be eaten in a separate area, away from your email, for 30 minutes. Many bosses are concerned that their staff working from home are merely doing laundry and binge-watching Netflix. In most cases, the contrary is true: people work more from home because it is more difficult to “leave” work.

work from home tips | Coronavirus and worklife: Tips to make working from  home easy

Catch-Up With Colleagues

Allow time for “water cooler” conversation. Because you won’t be bumping into your coworkers in the corridors, cafeteria, elevator, or parking lot, if you work from home, you won’t have the same opportunity for chitchat and human connection, which is crucial to maintain. Make time every day to text your coworkers, check in with them individually, share tales, and inquire about their well-being. This could be done through daily Zoom calls, group chats, or even a simple phone call once in a while.

Even if it makes you uncomfortable, use video. Use video technology to interact with your team and colleagues in a more conscious, human way to prevent feeling alienated. Although video chats are not for everyone, the benefit of seeing people’s faces may outweigh the minor discomfort.

Create A Stress-Free Zone

Working in an office, as you may know, can be exhausting. But it would be a mistake to imagine that working from home is easy, since it isn’t.

It’s quite normal to experience stress, lack of motivation, anxiety, and uncertainty. These simple products can help you feel more productive and inspired while working from home, as well as take care of your mental health.

Handpainted Mexican-Style Mug

Something as simple as brewing a cup of tea or coffee can help reduce anxiety and stress. A combination of that with the vibrant colors shown on the mug will immensely help create a stress-free zone.

Loch Life Water Bottle

As Instagrammable, as they are sustainable, these babies will keep you hydrated and fashionable at the same time, energizing and de-stressing you.

Calming Wall Decor

This color palette is calming and soothing, which will help create a calm and stress-free zone.

Scented Candle

Start using these working from home techniques right away to improve your productivity and streamline your routine.

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