Top 5 2020 Trendy Fall Pieces You Can Find Discounted Now – By Mariam Omar

Read before you shop! We know Black Friday sales can get a little overwhelming, so we’ve put together a small list of 2020 trendy fall pieces that are currently available for discounted purchase across the web. Scroll for more:

Square Toed Shoes 2020 Trendy Fall Pieces

The famous Bottega square toe is not getting retired with sandals season, check out our top picks for boots and pumps!

Both Asos and Zara currently have those on their Black Friday sale, hurry up and shop!

Puffer Bag 2020 Trendy Fall Pieces

I’m sure you’ve seen the puffy black Chanel bag on every influencer’s should. It’s definitely not worth the investment but why not try an affordable dupe? Here are the best we’ve found. 

Teddy Coat 2020 Trendy Fall Pieces

Max Mara gave us comfort goals with the teddy coat – this is definitely the season’s most sought after and we have you covered.

If we’ve talking 2020 fall fashion, the teddy coat has to make it to our list. You can find it in more classic colors too at your local Zara or Mango.

Straight Leg Trousers

Move over mom jeans, there’s a new girl in town. It’s time to bring back the retro straight leg trousers that are flattering on every body type.

You can literally style these leg trousers with anything! Think sneakers, flip flips or even heels. We’re particularly loving this fall fashion trend because it can be dressed down and up.

Combat Boots

The Prada combat boots are for the cool girl shoe. Whether it’s lace up or a bulky Chelsea boot, this style is worth copping asap.

Our 2020 fall fashion trends list wouldn’t be complete without these combat boots. You can literally find them anywhere nowadays – but we’ve included the ASOS link cause they’re on discount babes!

If you’re curious to know more about our take on fashion, we would suggest checking out Mariam’s style section for all the style tips and hacks.

Mariam Omar

Mariam is Social Media Freelancer who studied Fashion Design in Milan. She’s passionate about decoding fashion trends and wants to help ladies make the right choices when styling their outfits to always express themselves.

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