Tried and Tested Beauty: Izil Beauty Reviews, Favorite Products and Highlights

If you haven’t heard of Izil beauty yet, you may be missing out. With origins rooted in moroccan tradition, Izil beauty is a brand that uses natural ingredients from nature to curate essential skincare products. Izil uses organic plant extracts, herbs, essential oils and more to create products for your skin, hair, body and even your hammam (shower). From your everyday cleansers to masks and toners, Izil have an extensive skincare line. Scroll to learn more about Izil:

How it all began

It all started when Izil Beauty founder, Mouna Abbassy was working in the corporate beauty world and saw something missing. Although she was exposed to the best of the best, she still found herself longing for a connection with mother nature. She was on the hunt for products that would reveal her inner beauty. Alas, Izil was born.

From a young age, Mouna (who was born in Morocco) would also unite with her mother, sisters and friends to bring their own home-made natural beauty recipes to life. When looking through the Izil line, you easily see how Mouna was inspired by her childhood beauty experiences to bring to life a natural, wholesome beauty skincare line.

Our Favorite Products from Izil Izil beauty reviews

  1. Rose Micellar Cleansing Water

I know. When we first hear cleansing water, our initial instinct is “so we really need it”? I mean, we’ve got make up remover to remove our make up and that’s a hundred times more powerful than cleansing water – so why do we need the latter? Well, despite the name – cleansing water is not only used for cleaning your face. It’s also used to promote skin hydration, remove dirt and oil, keep skin clear amongst other benefits.

Now this cleaning water from Izil in specific lifts even the heaviest of make-up and excels as a soothing and nourishing toner. This luxurious natural cleanser does not over-strip your complexion from its natural oils nor does it contain harsh artificial ingredients that could irritate your delicate skin.

2. Golden Glow Mask

This one is a must try. We’ve reviewed the Golden Glow Mask here, so if you want our detailed review just head on over to this article.

3. Illuminating Almond Scrub

Who doesn’t love a good old scrub? If you dont already own a scrub, now is the good to do so. Invest in the Izil illuminating almond scrub, rich in skin-replenishing ingredients that gently remove dry and dead cells and improve both complexion and skin tone, while unclogging the pores to fight breakouts thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Brand Highlights Izil beauty reviews

  • Izil is an all natural brand: Their formulations are free from harmful chemicals, synthetic preservatives and parabens. They are also clear and honest, listing all of their natural and organic ingredients on their labels.
  • Rooted in Arabian culture: Founded by Mouna Abbassy, the brand is inspired by Morrocan tradition and beauty practices. While creating and curating the beauty line, Mouna ensured to integrate the home-made natural beauty recipes that she and her family would curate back in Morocco.

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