Virtuzone and KIKLABB launch Dubai Dream Licence, an unparalleled business setup package to support aspiring entrepreneurs

2020 has been a roller coaster. People have lost jobs, homes and it seems as though this year is not giving up!

Amidst this craziness, we’re fortunately also seeing many individuals rise to the occasion and create! Whether it’s a new project, entity or idea – we’re seeing loads of new brands come into the spotlight this year. (Hello, that’s us too!).

Many entities are also rising up as enablers to assist smaller businesses and entrepreneurs during this time. One example would have to be Virtuzone and Kiklabb’s latest launch of a Dubai Dream License, an unparalleled business setup package to support aspiring entrepreneurs.

Known as “The Dubai Dream Licence”, the package will provide business setup at an attractive and unprecedented rate starting from AED 14,500 in a Dubai free zone.

The initiative will not only offer the best business incorporation services, but also bespoke state-of-the-art co-working spaces, along with a suite of amenities on board the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II in Mina Rashid, Dubai.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who opt for the “The Dubai Dream Licence” will equally enjoy an attractive optional instalment plan with zero percent interest; in addition to having a business address in a unique location.

Virtuzone has helped over 16,000 businesses in the UAE over the last eleven years by providing high standard business setup services, including free consultation and guidance without increased costs. As a trusted institution, Virtuzone believes in fruitful collaborations, and has partnered with different like-minded entities to provide services which enhance accelerated transformation for existing and potential business owners in the UAE.

KIKLABB has branded itself with a reputation of changing ambition into results through carefully curated bespoke licensing, workspace and virtual packages that fit different needs.

 The Dubai Dream Licence is available until 31st of August 2020. To learn more and apply, please visit:

Lara Geadah


Lara is an entrepreneur, marketing agency owner, content creator and the founder of Woman’s Guide Middle East. During her downtime, Lara likes to watch horror movies or shoot content. Keep up with her on the gram at "Lara's Happy Work"

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