Wait, men can skincare too? Meet Jaxon Lane, here to cater to the urban and sophisticated men of the city.

The Korean Beauty trend has been around for a while now and has proven to be worth the hype for women. K-beauty is distinguished because of its well-researched and gentle formulas that are highly celebrated owing to their effectivity. But what if we tell you that taking care of the skin goes just beyond women too? And that there is a K-beauty brand dedicated to help the gentlemen out there to look good and feel good? Yes, welcome to 2021 where K-beauty is now for everybody! The Grooming Lab, exclusive distributor of premium male grooming products in the UAE, brings Jaxon Lane to cater to the urban and sophisticated men of the city.

Celebrity-favorite, Jaxon Lane, was founded in 2018 by a husband-and-wife team, Alex and Jen. The mission is to bring the best of Korean skincare science to the modern man and help them look their best. Each Jaxon Lane product is formulated with world-class ingredients and is thoughtfully designed to address and solve skin problems common to men.

Your life is busy, we get it. Long days at work, hitting the gym, weekends at the beach. Your skin puts up with a lot! We get it, no man in this city has the time for a 10-step K-beauty skincare routine, that’s why we’re making it just 3-steps for you!

Shake And Wake Enzyme Powder Face Wash

Activated with water, this powder face wash lathers into a silky foam that washes away dirt and oil, gently exfoliates skin with natural fruit enzymes instead of harsh scrubbers, and restores skin with Vitamins B, C & E. Germs, oil, and dirt go down the drain, and fresh, smooth skin is revealed. Use daily in the morning and at night.

Rain or Shine Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen

Why don’t most people wear daily sunscreen? They might not know that they are exposed to UV rays, even on cloudy days, that make skin look aged and increase the risk of skin cancer. Most sunscreens are also greasy and leave a white film on the face… blech! That’s why Jaxon Lane has created a vitamin-packed, daily moisturizing sunscreen that goes on smooth and dries clear, so you can feel safe and look great. It also comes with UVA & UVB protection. For all skin types. Free of oxybenzone, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates.

Bro Mask 100% Hydrogel Sheet Mask

The Jaxon Lane 100% Hydrogel Bro Mask is an antioxidant packed, ultra-hydrating face mask that gives you clear, smooth, glowing skin. A certain man glow, if you will. The Bro Mask is made with advanced hydrogel technology, for maximum hydration and absorption of active ingredients. It is power packed with vitamins, collagen, and plant extracts proven to improve the appearance of skin. The Bro Mask is formulated to target problems common to men, including blemishes, redness, sun damage, and fine lines.

It’s high-time to set those skincare goals, lads, and Jaxon Lane is here to help you accomplish them all with ease!

Jaxon Lane products are available athttps://www.thegroominglab.me/, and select barbershops / men’s salons and e-comm platforms across the UAE.

Lara Geadah


Lara is an entrepreneur, marketing agency owner, content creator and the founder of Woman’s Guide Middle East. During her downtime, Lara likes to watch horror movies or shoot content. Keep up with her on the gram at "Lara's Happy Work"

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