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Since it’s positivity month over at Woman’s Guide Middle East, we thought why not spice things up by reviewing movies that make us believe in the power of positivity amidst the craziness of 2020!

This week’s movie pick “The Secret: Dare to Dream” has positivity written all over it. Based on the 2006 self-help book “The Secret”, this American drama film follows the story of a hardworking young widow who’s struggling to raise three children on her own.

A powerful storm brings a devastating challenge and a mysterious man, Bray Johnson (Josh Lucas), into her life. In just a few short days, Bray’s presence re-ignites the family’s spirit, but he also carries a secret—and it’s a secret that could change everything.

The Beginning

At the onset of the movie, the audience gets a glimpse of Miranda (Katie Holmes) at work as she is buying fresh fish at a bargain from a local seller. At that moment – all I could think was, wow – this is going to be interesting.

From one side – I always love to get a look into rural living in movies especially now that i live in the city. It’s a breath of fresh air and takes me back to the good old days, when things were simple and we didn’t really have to worry about hustling and going to work everyday. Yes, I low-key would love to actually live in a village. But let’s not digress!

From the other – I was excited to learn more about Miranda! Katie Holmes has starred in a variety of films, but never in one like this where she was an average everyday girl struggling to make ends meet! And quite frankly, it was relieving to see a woman bargaining her way through the purchase of an ounce of fish – usually we see women championed in other ways, never with these sorts of activities. That variety really appeals to me. I like it!

My Honest Review: The Good

This heart-warming and inspiring movie will have you feeling all sorts of emotions. Not only will it open your eyes to the concept of “The Secret” – how you attract what you think and positive thoughts attract positive things – but also paves the way into a world of romance – as Miranda, widow and mother of 3 – finds love and her happy ever after against all odds.

This movie may be centered around The Secret and the power of positive thinking, but it’s also much more than that. It’s a romance, it’s a drama and generally just a really good watch. It’s a movie any girl next door would enjoy too!

The movie stars Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas, two notable actors who both play their parts extremely well if you ask me. I personally loved how this ancient concept of the law of attraction was brought to life in a cool and modern way – to appeal to today’s audience and manifest the concept in a way that is both cool and anything but cheesy!

My Honest Review: The Bad

If there’s one thing I didn’t enjoy about this movie, it’s the ending. I was not a fan of how both Katie and Josh were on the phone, while driving towards one another – that part of the movie just felt weird and mundane. I’m not going to say much more than that so I don’t spoil the ending for you!

The Verdict

Overall, I do think this movie is totally worth your time. Whether you’ve read the secret or not – you’re likely to enjoy it. “The Secret: Dare To Dream” is now airing at cinemas across Dubai, including Roxy Cinemas. Go ahead and watch it!

Lara Geadah


Lara is an entrepreneur, marketing agency owner, content creator and the founder of Woman’s Guide Middle East. During her downtime, Lara likes to watch horror movies or shoot content. Keep up with her on the gram at "Lara's Happy Work"

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