What Is The Patience Challenge and Why Are Online Moms Worldwide Getting in on the Action?

In a recent video shared by Kylie Jenner,  the mom jumps on the Patience Challenge to test her daughter Stormi’s patience as she asks that little Stormi patiently waits for her mom to get out of the bathroom to eat 3 small chocolates.

Next thing we know, moms worldwide are getting on the bandwagon – sharing their twists on this challenge online. 

A Little About The Challenge: 

Practicing the Patience Challenge is as easy as placing some chocolates, candy or other treats in a bowl of some kind and placing that bowl in front your toddler. You’ll need to ask your toddler to wait for 2 to 3 minutes before they can have some of these treats. Meanwhile, you can wash the dishes, go the bathroom or perform any other small task far away from the baby while your kid waits. 

Fun part about this challenge? Watching till the end to see how babies worldwide are acting. Will they give in and reach out for their treats before their moms come back, or will they be patient. Here were some of our favourites takes on the challenge:

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