Woman’s Guide To Henna: An Interview with Hajra Hussain from The Henna Box

Can you tell us a little more about Henna Box?

The Henna box is an easy-to-use body art solution that gives the perfect henna result, and can easily be done by yourself. With The Henna Box, we ensure to source natural and organic henna cones, no artificial nothing!

What inspired you to launch a an organic, non toxic line of henna products?

Growing up, I’ve always had sensitive skin and terrible allergies which always emerged when wearing henna. I never knew what the problem was with the Henna I’d use in salons or other places. Even though I loved the way it looked on my skin, the after-care and reactions to my skin had always been a big issue.

I made it my mission to ensure selling products that won’t have a horrible reaction for sensitive skins, so that everyone can enjoy the magic of henna!

What are some new ways you’re seeing your customers use their henna?

After the launch of our neons, I’ve seen customers create a bunch of new designs. With colors, It gives people more choice to be creative, so I’ve seen people do UAE inspired henna, and even go beyond creating looks just for henna. I’ve seen customers use it To create intricate geometric designs on paintings, and even use it as a form face art and body art.

Can you give us some insight into how the use of henna has evolved over time?

For the longest time henna has been used traditionally in events such as wedding, bridal showers, and commonly celebrated events such as Diwali and Eid. People have used henna for hair coloring, eyebrow tinting and the common use of application on hands. Now more than ever, henna is being appreciated and widely used by all different cultures, and is worn as an awesome accessory for most women while respecting its origins. Wearing henna is not only a trend for celebratory occasions anymore, it is worn on a daily!

Lara Geadah


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