WG Exclusive: Nayri Estepanian Tells Us All About Nayritta’s Talk

Nayri Estepanian wants to bridge the gap between an average person and the aesthetic industry with Nayritta’s Talk – the first multicultural digital platform dedicated to educating and informing individuals on safe procedures and on the many different ways you can do them. 

Acting as an educational platform in the field of aesthetics, it aims on providing education, motivation and assistance in building some individuals’ confidence through introducing different aesthetic ways and procedures making the content worthwhile for everyone to reach their goal and understand the knowledge behind it before implementing any procedures.   

Following her personal ideology of enhancing the beauty given to you as opposed to altering, WomansGuideME sits down with the upcoming Lebanese-Armenian entrepreneur and chats with her about her community and why she branched into aesthetics. 

1. What treatments are being mostly sought out at the moment?

There are several treatments nowadays for aesthetics and it depends on if it is invasive or non-invasive. Invasive is plastic surgery that’s mainly breast augmentation, tummy tucks or a mommy makeover. Non-invasive is often laser treatments or radio frequency and mainly procedures that focus on the skin texture, tone, and volume. Nowadays, People are more into keeping their skin texture in better condition. 

2. Have millennials recently started to show increasing interest in this field?

There is an interest in this field, especially from millennials who are in school.

They get bullied because of their skin conditions, particularly acne. Parents often don’t teach their kids to take care of their skin, so there is a lack of guidance there. As they pass through adolescence, their skin changes which is why it is important to prevent the use of intense treatments, earlier on.

Our aim is to educate them on the importance of maintaining the skin and how to use the right products via educational campaigns and awareness in schools.

3. What natural remedies would you recommend as a substitute to evasive treatments? 

There have always been natural remedies and until today, I highly recommend natural remedies and avoid the use of lots of chemicals on the face. I regularly post on my Instagram, lots of tips where I’ve always had lots of interesting home remedies. However, these home remedies act as maintenance and it’s only 10 percent of the process, it’s not something to prevents anti-aging.

Women should understand that aesthetic procedures are introduced to delay aging or to provide small fixes for their features; and if they go back and read the historical facts of aesthetic medicine, they will see it was purely made to reconstruct deformed soldiers during wars and to boost their self-confidence.

4. What attracts patients in the aesthetic world?

People now are trying to accept the fact that they can use the aesthetic procedures to enhance their shapes and looks. Women focus mainly on their skin texture and how to keep it rejuvenated as they want to have a clear and crystal-like face. Men are keener to look better as well and please their other half.

There are six trends in men’s aesthetic nowadays and the way I add value is by introducing them to the right doctors and demonstrations in addition to sharing new trends and technology that they can try, Hair transplants to look younger, Botulinum Toxin especially for the forehead to reduce stress, Eye rejuvenation to look less tired and fresh, The jawline and chin enhancement to look more masculine, High definition liposuction to have a defined and masculine body and genital plastic surgery.

5. How do we educate millennials; since the diversion is starting at a young age?

There are a lot of campaigns and educational programs for the millennials especially when it comes to derma/skin care, even in the schools they are also trying to spread awareness on how to start a skin care routine.

The skin should be taken care of from the teenage years to prevent acnes and tiring out the pores. This will lead to damage on the surface of the skin and it will be too late to fix it.

By doing this, we are trying to keep the skin flawless and clean to prevent the damage that might make them refer to serious treatments, later on. Teenagers should have skin routines taught by their parents via cleaning, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing, if it is an epigenetic factor or genetic/ hormonal then they should consult their doctors immediately.

For more information on Nayritta’s Talk, please visit https://www.nayrittastalk.com/

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