6 Foodie-approved Valentine’s Day gift ideas by Aemen from “Adventures of Aemen”

Let’s support local businesses this Valentine’s Day! If your partner is a foodie, you may want to consider planning ahead and placing an order from one of these local businesses:

Cookie Message

A huge cookie from Zo’s Kitchen will definitely convince your partner to be your quarantine! (Check the above image for context 😉)

Cupcakes in a Love Letter

Sugargram has one of the best packagings out there. They always customize it to the occasion. This one is created to look like a love letter & is filled with cupcakes. Yum!

All Rounder

There’s a reason it’s called “All Rounder”! 😉 This box from Kakigori Dessert Cafe has it all and it’s the best way to pop the question too. The All Rounder contains 4 compartments, including 1 for flowers, 1 for cookies, 1 for macaroons and the last 1 for chocolate balls.

Cupcakes + A Free Rose

Ladybird Bake Shop’s creations look absolutely smashing and are meant to impress your Valentine! Indulge in these Instagram worthy cupcakes.

Be Mine (but be a lil gentle 😜)

How cute is this smash-able treat from Tania’s Teahouse? Filled with truffles, treats & cookies (with the option to add any other item you like), this one is sure to get you and your partner sugar high. You can also customize the message to your liking!

Smash Heart filled with Chocolates

Support a local home grown baker (Crumbs by SH) and order this cool smash heart filled with cupcakes/ chocolates of your choice. It’s definitely a fun little stress buster for you both if you ask us.

And there you go! We’ve sorted you and your foodie partner of yours out with 6 suggestions that will make local businesses just as happy as your bellies this Valentines. Happy eating! ❤️

Aemen Aisha

Aemen is a freelance social media manager and self proclaimed tour guide in Dubai. She enjoys exploring hidden gems around the Emirates and creating cute tiktoks. Her hobbies include Netflix-ing, writing poetry and supporting mental health. Find out more about her by follow her at Adventures of Aemen!

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