We’re Obsessed With This New Skincare Brand

When it comes down to pared-down beauty products that are both natural and effective; UAE-based beauty brand – Kathryn Jones Hand Blended Serums or ‘KJ Serums’ for short, champions this with its line of skincare products that are hand-blended and individually developed to a proven record of safety and efficacy.

The brand’s unique offerings caters to a discerning clientele across the UAE who desire mild, effective and freshly-made skincare products free from harsh preservatives and skin irritants.

1. Clean Beauty is the Way Forward

KJ Serums is named after and was founded by Kathryn Jones, who had a successful career working in the UK biopharmaceutical sector, used her knowledge of science and medicine to produce skincare that would be more effective than the leading products on the market, using fresh, active ingredients at an affordable price.

Following the ethos, “fresh = effective”, KJ Serums offer a unique concept in skincare with fresh, pared back ingredients, using the optimum amount of actives to produce powerful results without overloading the formulas with unnecessary additives to deliver powerful, noticeable and long-lasting results. 

2. Made Fresh to Order

KJ Serums also delivers its products directly to their customers’ doorsteps in a temperature-controlled condition to further ensure ultimate freshness and optimal results.

With its vegan friendly, paraben-, PEGS-, phthalates-, sulphates-, mineral-oil-, synthetic fragrances- and formaldehyde-free formulations, KJ Serums is defined in the UAE market as the only skincare brand that offers serums that are made to order every month, with the option of  monthly subscription plans available at a discounted rate.

3. Every Skin Type Counts

With its impressive portfolio of fresh and long-life serums, the brand caters to all complexion types varying from acne prone to anti-ageing to radiance and hydrating ranges, ensuring that there is something for everyone. 

The brand also offers an anti-hair fall serum, which we’re sure is going expand even further! Developed to revive the scalp, promote hair growth and reduce hair fall, this natural oil-based serum will keep your scalp healthy, luscious and thick. 

For more information on KJ Serums, visit their website here.

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