5 of Our Favorite Tried and Tested 2021 Skincare Trends

Guasha this, Guasha that

Move away jade rollers, there’s a new tool in town. Meet the Gua Sha: an angled stone, usually made out of crystal used to promote blood circulation and give you a natural facelift.

From small business beauty brands such as Daisy Beauty to the more established labels such as Huda Beauty, beauty players are all jumping on the trend by introducing Guashas to their beauty product line.

The Gua sha actually originated in China and is an ancient practice from the land. Back then, Guashas were used more vigorously and along the entire body to promote blood circulation.

So how do you use a Guasha? Experts recommend using your favorite facial oil and then using a Gua Sha to massage your face in upward direction.

Today we see a new more gentle facet to Gua Shas of course. The Woman’s Guide team took the time to review Daisy Beauty’s Jade Beauty Restorer and grew fond of the tool within minutes. Immediate effects from our review included de-puffing and overall ease of feeling.

Clean Skincare

Clean skincare is here to stay. Consumers are getting smarter and more selective with what they apply to their skin, and of course, clean skincare is being favored for its transparency.

It is getting a little confusing for consumers to tell the difference between clean, vegan and cruelty-free skincare – with most of these terms being used interchangeably at times.

So what is clean skincare? Clean skincare is skincare that does not contain any toxins and offers more transparency as to what ingredients are used in bottles.

In complete honestly, it sometimes does feel like there aren’t enough resources with concise answers on what ingredients exactly qualify as clean ingredients – but over the years we have developed a line of clean beauty products we grew fond of.

We would suggest checkng out BIO:VÉGANE serums and fluids also available via Daisy Beauty (which by the way, is your go-to destination for clean skincare).

Personalized Skincare

Is there anything really better than a personalized skincare routine tailored to your skincare needs?

We sure don’t think so. Today, we’re seeing increased focus on offering tailored online consultations and personalized routines. We all know that in the world of retail marketing, it’s not enough to talk about your products – you’ve got to also inspire your audience on the how, where and other details of usage.

During the pandemic, many global beauty brands took to social media to offer tailored consultations to their clients. Outings were prohibited and so the in store browsing experience had to move online – which only made online consultations and tailored solutions more popular.

Word on the street is even local beauty brands and small businesses are jumping on the trend by offering personalized solutions to their audience. Woman’s Guide spoke exclusively to Francesca – business setup consultant, and owner of Francy’s Beauty Box, an eco-conscious beauty brand about their newest project “ASK FRANCY” targeted at matching dermatologists with beauty solution seekers. The brand hasn’t officially launched the project but has started hinting at it on their IG feed.


Hero Ingredients

Thanks to the deal of knowledge accessible to them on social media, consumers today are a lot more knowledgeable. They know which hero products work for them and perform the research required to find the right skincare products that contain those hero ingredients.

2020 was all about hyaluronic acid. What hero ingredients will take the limelight in 2021?

All The Supplements

Supplements are in, and natural supplements are even more in.

Several brands are showing up with great beauty supplements to aid with better skin, nail and hair health as well as avoiding early signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

The Woman’s Guide team has tested a natural supplements brand targeted at boosting energy levels and slimming called Rite. We grew very fond of the brand’s creation! Natural orange and green gummies with fruit-infused flavors that can help elevate your mood and slim you down – yes, please!

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