All the Palestinian Fashion Brands you Should be Supporting

I think we’ve gotten our heads around shopping from and supporting new concepts, so how about supporting the Palestinian fashion brands that need our help the most right now? In situations like these, the best thing you can do is to monetize your influence and support by donating, shopping and of course – educating yourself above all. In today’s read, we explore 5 of the Palestinian fashion brands we’ve discovered. Scroll for our finds from the land:


Palestinian fashion brands

NN By NN is a Palestinian ready-to-wear label that launched in 2019. The brand explores the roots of the owner Angham’s homeland, Palestine, and the nostalgia she holds towards it.

The main inspiration behind the creation of nnbynn lies in traditional Arabic garments, as they carry immense culture and heritage.

nnbynn holds signature details, lines, silhouettes and craftsmanship with an emphasis on contemporary style, unique to the identity of the brand itself.


Palestinian fashion brands

A social enterprise for sustainable fashion, Ayadi uses cultural art to provide a platform to nurture the inner strength, creativity and self expression of Arabic women. The brand is focused on selling hands craft and hand made art pieces.

Why not support Palestinian women while shopping for unique pieces?


Hand made in Gaza, Palestine, Anat offers slow fashion, avant-garde streetwear that is chic, bold, and limitless. Their garments’ designs are inspired by and made in Palestine. They go beyond the ordinary to give customers unique, everlasting pieces

They are meant to be worn by all genders, and all their embroidery is hand-crafted by both men and women for men and women.

Holy Land Boutique

If you’re searching for high quality handmade fashion & embroidery made, the Holy Land boutique has got you sorted. The brand offers an authentic experience that’s based on the real historical stories & traditions of Palestine.

Dar Noora Palestine

Dar Noora focuses on the physical manifestation and realization of a young Palestinian artist’s dream to connect her passion for traditional cross stitch with modern fashion.

Discovering and hunting for local businesses is what we do! For more up-and-coming brands inspiration and news, keep a lookout on our fashion pages.

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