Custom-made Home Essentials on a bit of a budget? Yes please.

Allow us to introduce you to the next big thing: The Home’s affordable custom-made home essentials. Ever since I could remember, custom-made furniture meant hefty prices. Whenever we would move or refurbish homes, custom making pieces would be our last resort due to how expensive and inefficient it would get.

I guess times are changing!

The Home, unlike most brands, has a unique mix of pieces sourced from every corner of the world as well as locally produced gems. Each piece has its own story woven or carved through, making it a definite place in your own home – filled with its own stories and experiences. The best part? Most pieces found at The Home can be customized to your liking. Choose a sofa, change its texture, color, pillows and pay almost the same price.

Looking for a daybed that also transforms into a lazy sofa? Or a porch swing decorated with string lights to make that evening with your buds and family a little more special? How about some fun and eclectic cushions to go with it? The Home paints you a picture-perfect patio with their special pieces.  Here below are some of our favorite pieces from The Home:

1 – Outdoor Essentials

Go beyond a classic wooden bench and bring in some personality to your outdoor oasis come season with The Home. UAE’s latest contemporary and vibrant interior brand brings to life some of the most simple yet desired outdoor pieces, making it your one-stop destination to shop them all!

2 – Sofas

Not only are The Home’s sofas stylish and fully customizable, they’re on the accessible side too. Imagine paying 2,000 AED for a 4 seater L-Shape couch – what a bargain! When I payed them a visit to select my couch, I was presented with different textures, sizes in the store so I could pick and choose and curate the best couch for my house right there and then.

3- Wall Art

Lara Geadah


Lara is an entrepreneur, marketing agency owner, content creator and the founder of Woman’s Guide Middle East. During her downtime, Lara likes to watch horror movies or shoot content. Keep up with her on the gram at "Lara's Happy Work"

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