Bring more Efficiency and Sustainability to your Cooking this Ramadan by Consuming more Water with less Electricity, with Quooker UAE

This Ramadan, treat yourself and your family to a gift that will elevate your kitchen while bringing you closer to smart and sustainable living. Whether this Ramadan season entails more cooking or not, a Quooker will certainly be of added value to your home.

Quooker is the tap that does it all; allowing you to instantly have true 100 degrees boiling water, straight from the tap! You also have the option to have chilled and sparkling water if you opt for the upgraded, All-In-One tap. Boiling, Hot, Cold, Chilled and Sparkling Water. All filtered, ready to drink and all from one tap!

So how does a Quooker actually work? The Quooker system consists of a boiling water-tap on the kitchen countertop connected to a small boiling-water tank in the kitchen cabinet. The water in the boiling-water tank works similarly to an insulated water flask. The water within the tank is kept heated to a temperature of 110°C all while using close to no electrical energy. When you turn on the tap, the water moving from the tank to the tap slightly cools down, allowing you to always dispense true 100°C boiling when it flows from the tap. 

Gone are the days where you would need to use a kettle to heat water, place plastic water bottles in the fridge and over-spend on supermarket sparkling water. With a Quooker, you will always have boiling, hot, cold, chilled and sparkling water instantly and all from the same tap. Isn’t that kitchen convenience at its’ best?

Bring more efficiency and sustainability to your cooking this Ramadan by consuming more water with less electricity. Soups for iftars and late night teas are just some of the ways you will use this Quooker tap this Ramadan.

Since Ramadan is the month of giving, Quooker is providing 1,000 liters of free sparkling water with every All-In-One Quooker tap purchase you make this month. What better way is there to treat yourself this Ramadan than with a kitchen essential like a Quooker tap?

This future-driven technology is an indispensable tool to any kitchen. Despite its’ technology-driven core, design is also at the forefront of Quooker’s vision. With several sizes, shapes and finishes, every customer will find a Quooker that best fits their kitchen. Whether it is an elegant Stainless-Steel Flex tap with a pull-out hose, or an edgy Black Square Fusion tap; regardless of your kitchen style, one of Quooker’s 11 designs and finishes will be a perfect fit.

Quooker offers enough customization to ensure every household’s needs are met. Whether you are looking for a secondary tap only for boiling water, or an All-In-One tap that has boiling, hot, cold, chilled and sparkling water – Quooker is pleased to deliver. 

Speaking of delivery, Quooker won’t leave you hanging! Quooker has ample stock in the UAE to ensure you can have your Quooker tap as soon as your order it. Our team of professional inhouse technicians will take care of both, delivery and installation. All you have to do is simply sit back, relax and enjoy your instant cup of tea.

The Quooker tap comes in many models and offers many features, with taps ranging from only boiling water taps to the All-In-One taps (boiling, hot, cold, chilled and sparkling water) – always filtered and all from one tap. Learn more about Quooker’s products below:

Flex (included in the Ramadan offer)

The Flex in Black Finish

The Flex is the only Quooker tap with a handy, flexible pull out hose which makes it perfect for larger sinks. It comes in all finishes including Polished Chrome, Stainless Steel and Black. Fun fact: The Flex is the best-selling Quooker tap!

Fusion Square (included in the Ramadan offer)

Fusion Square in Patinated Brass

The Fusion Square is a sleek, modern and elegant tap that will appeal to any design enthusiast. The fusion square offers a full 360-degree rotation, making it perfect for kitchen islands. It comes in all available finishes including Polished Chrome, Stainless Steel, Black, Patinated Brass and Gold.

Fusion Round

Fusion Round in Gold

The Fusion Round is an aesthetically pleasing tap that will suit the design of any kitchen. The fusion round offers a full 360-degree rotation, making it perfect for kitchen islands. It comes in all finishes including Polished Chrome, Stainless Steel, Black, Patinated Brass and Gold.

Classic Fusion Round & Classic Fusion Square


Classic Fusion Round in Stainless Steel

How about a timeless and classic design recalling the original Quooker design from the 1970s? The push-button on the Classic Fusion Round & Classic Fusion Square range are intricately designed to showcase a beautiful pattern that will add a touch of classic elegance to any kitchen. 

Nordic Twin Round & Nordic Twin Square 

Nordic Twin Round Taps in Chrome

Two taps, complementing design. The Nordic Twin Taps is a mixer tap for your regular hot and cold water (but filtered!), alongside a smaller Nordic Single Tap which can be used as a ‘cooking tap’ for only boiling water, or a ‘dinking tap’ for boiling, chilled and sparkling water. Moreover, the height of the Nordic Single tap is adjustable, making it easy to fill any bottle, no matter the height. This model is available in polished chrome and stainless steel. 

Nordic Single Round & Nordic Single Square 

Nordic Single Square in Chrome

The Nordic Single is the drinking tap best suitable for commercial spaces, replacing water dispensers and drinking stations for different parts of the home like a coffee/tea corner in a living room. It can dispense boiling, chilled and sparkling water, and can be combined with a drip-tray to replace a sink. Moreover, the height of the Nordic Single tap is adjustable, making it easy to fill any bottle, no matter the height.

This model is available in polished chrome and stainless steel. 

Please note that every Quooker tap is a boiling water tap, and with the Quooker CUBE – you can also add chilled and sparkling water all from the same tap and all filtered. 

Additional information and updates on all products can also be found on the company’s Instagram page – @quookeruae or by visiting the Dubai showroom located on Sheikh Zayed Road Indigo Central 2 building, top floor.

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