Dubai Indian Restaurants: A Round Up of our Favorites in 2020

if you’re looking for some good Dubai Indian restaurants, you’ve come to the right place. All my food and restaurant suggestions are tried and tested, so I can tell you what’s good and what’s not!

From hidden gems to up and coming, trendy eateries – I’ve tried almost every Indian restaurant in Dubai. My idea of a perfect weekend entails exploring restaurants in the UAE, and because my job also entails that I stay in the times – you can call me your go-to foodie girl. Yes, I’m that much of a nerd. Mind you, I’ve tried all of these restaurants I mention here – so you can rest assure my recommendations will satisfy your urge for some good old Indian food.

Keep reading for the UAE’s best Indian restaurants that keep me coming back:

Pink Imli Cook House

This new restaurant offers flavors from the plateau of Afghanistan, Himalayan mountains of Nepal, midlands of India and shores of Sri Lanka and Myanmar to the plate with a very modern and urban flair. So yes it’s not entirely Indian, but it can serve up some delicious Indian flavors.

You Pink Imli operates out of a cloud kitchen, so you’ll be able to enjoy its flavors via delivery. Whenever I order from Pink Imli, I’m happy to get the option of creating a well-rounded meal included veggies, meat and carbs. I always order their Tandoori chicken with a side of their delicious grilled and well seasoned veggies along with some rice. I mean, can a meal get any more well-rounded than that?

If you’re going to try this place out and you usually like the taste of pepsi or cola, PLEASE do me a favor and try their fire cracker cola. It’s a spiced cola mix with lemon grass, galancal, coriander, chili and kaffir lime leaf. I literally fell in love with this innovative drink, especially since I live for the taste of Pepsi.

Learn more here:

Moombai & Co dubai indian restaurants

If you’re like looking for a delicious Indian eatery with a bar, Moombai & Co should definitely make it to your list. I remember visiting this casual Bollywood gastro around a year ago, it was definitely eventful! Located at the H Dubai, Moombai serves up some great Indian dishes. One of my highlights from my experience was definitely their innovative alcoholic drinks – their bartenders sure know what they’re doing and can whip up something to satisfy those tastebuds of yours!

Learn more here.

Gazebo Restaurant dubai indian restaurants

Sometimes, I just feel like staying in. And that’s when I’ll order from Gazebo! Popular dishes include their biryani (my number one star dish for sure), gallouti kebab and tandoori stuffed mushroom. I would say Gazebo is more on the affordable side so you could definitely order in on a low-key, casual night in. I particularly love how Gazebo’s biryani comes served in a pot (yes, an actual pot) covered in bread even when you order in. Definitely a highlight to the experience!

SpiceKlub dubai indian restaurants

If you like to try avant-garde dishes that are quite out of the ordinary, you should definitely hit up SpiceKlub. This Indian street food eatery has literally “spiced up” (lol, get it?) every one of its Indian dishes to make it interactive, fun and cool to Instagram.

Asha’s Restaurant, Wafi Mall

Asha’s restaurant is one of the few restaurants I always find myself coming back to with my partner. At one point, Asha’s did become one of our go-tos on weekends. On the upper end, you’ll enjoy a fine dining experience thats pretty accessible at this Indian restaurant. Our favorite dishes include their Raita, Biryani and Butter chicken. You can never go wrong with these three orders. Oh, and Asha’s is licensed – which makes the experience there all the more joyful if you ask us.

Tamba, Abu Dhabi

Now if you want to really treat yourself to an expensive, fine dining experience, Tamba will be a real treat. This Abu Dhabi restaurant offers Indian inspired cuisine through dishes that combine the finest seasonal ingredients with a precise, exquisite technique and beautiful presentation. The attention to detail in this space is simply extraordinary – I remember being taken on a tour of the place when it first launched and just being blown away.

Mohalla Restaurant

IDubai design district fellas! We’ve found a place that will satisfy your cravings for indian food in the heart of D3. Mohalla is a casual dining Indian restaurant serving up locally sourced and fresh Indian food everyday.

Good food brings good job – especially on crazy days like the ones we’ve experiencing in 2020. We actually review restaurants often – if you’re interested to learn more about all the cool spots, what’s worth it and what’s not, refer to the below reads too:

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