Izil Beauty Launches First-Ever Moroccan Hammam in Dubai Mall

The Moroccan-inspired, natural skincare brand, izil Beauty expands their line by offering their very own hammam experience inside The Dubai Mall flagship store. Set to open it’s doors in mid- August, izil beauty’s Moroccan Hammam will be the first in the region, providing the purest and most powerful experience.

“izil”, the Amazigh word for pure, reflects the fundament of izil Beauty – a skincare brand that offers honest, simple, and clean products. Established in 2012 by Mouna Abassy, the brand has provided skin, body and hair-care products that honour the rich heritage of Morocco’s beauty rituals and natural Moroccan ingredients. izil is a celebration of nature’s own effective ingredients and the beauty rituals perfected by Moroccan women throughout generations. By using those well-renowned ingredients from the resourceful and diverse land of Morocco, the products provide a tranquil and luxurious experience for all men and women to enjoy.

izil’s Moroccan hammam is a grounding and luxurious experience to take individuals away from their fast-paced and modern lifestyle. The new hammam is the perfect addition to izil’s extensive offering and perfectly complements the brand’s concept by offering genuine experiences of Moroccan beauty rituals in authentic settings. The design of the hammam is a fusion between the Amazigh architecture, which is known for its purity and simplicity, and the riads of Marrakech, which are known for their elegant yet warming opulence. Located inside the fast-paced The Dubai Mall, the space is a contrast to its surroundings, inviting guests to step into a serene world of pure relaxation, where time simply stops. The hammam is made to inspire serenity and tranquillity, creating a real connection between the body and soul to make every visitor feel most pampered.

The hammam is a true reflection of izil, with it’s fusion of East and West, bringing tradition and modernity together. Individuals can avail a wide range of services and packages that are available for both men and women. The service is one of a kind, with izil offering bespoke combinations that can be tailored to the customer’s needs for a truly unforgettable experience. The highlight of the services at izil’s Moroccan hammam is the serene bridal hammam which was inspired by the traditional hammam for the bride to be in Morocco.

Today, izil Beauty ships worldwide and the recently-opened Dubai Mall flagship store is home to izil’s luxurious and tranquil spa. The store is the perfect reflection of the brand’s philosophy of purity and simplicity, enabling consumers to step into the world of izil, in a rich, unique and immersive experience resembling the fertile and rich lands of Morocco.

To discover more about izil beauty and keep up with the latest news, visit izil’s Instagram page @izilbeauty. izil is available online at izilbeauty.com with worldwide delivery and at The Dubai Mall flagship store.

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