Kendall and Kylie’s Cosmetics Collaboration is Here

Finally! A collaboration with Kendall. Since the launch of Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie has collaborated with all her sisters except Kendall – So it’s safe to say Kendall and Kylie’s cosmetics collab has been highly anticipated.

The Collection

Kendall and Kylie’s Cosmetics Collab includes a 15-pan eyeshadow palette, a lip blush lip kit, an all-purpose gloss, a blush, bronzer and Kylight stick, a blotting powder perfecting balm and a sheer pink High Gloss.

In comparison to Kylie’s previous releases, this collection is definitely a little more out there in terms of its colours. The sisters included vibrant colours such as an olive green, bright orange and mustard in this one.

At first, the collection received some backlash. Multiple followers of the Jenners did turn to Instagram to claim that Kylie and Kendall themselves wouldn’t even wear some of the more “out there” colours in the collection’s palette. Rest assure, Kylie did fire back with images of Kendal flaunting these colours as proof that they themselves do wear these colours too.

If you ask us, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The Proceeds

In an Instagram post, Kendall wrote that a portion of the sales will go towards defending the rights of Black trans people in honor of Pride Month.

Kylie and I will be donating a portion of the sales from our @kyliecosmetics collaboration to the Marsha P Johnson Institute, an amazing organization that protects and defends the human rights of black transgender people. @mpjinstitute was created in response to the murders of black trans women and women of color, to elevate, support, and nourish the voices of black trans people. We are so proud to be supporting their mission, and thank the team for their work!

The Launch

If you’ve kept up with the Kardashians, you would know they love a good party.

To celebrate the collection, the Jenners commissioned Mindy Weiss to transform their basement into the perfect launch venue. We’re talking campaign images, themed treats, popcorn and even a customised ping-pong table. Can we please be friends with the Jenners now?

Kendall and Kylie’s Cosmetics Collab Collection is SOLD OUT

In less than a day, the collection literally sold out. On Friday, Kylie took to Instagram to announce that the collection is finally live.

Exactly an hour later, Kylie went live with a story saying that “the collection is selling out fast” – and almost 6 hours later after that, she announced that the collection had been sold out. Seriously?

Kendall and Kylie's Cosmetics Collab

They disagreed at first

When creating the palette, Kylie revealed that the duo had a few disagreements before deciding on the final color selection.

Kendall and Kylie's Cosmetics Collab

“We disagreed on how many mattes they’re [sic] are lol i had to fight for those 3 shimmers 🤣. but i’m in love with the end result and it actually has become the palette i use the most,” Kylie said.

Why the wait for Kendall and Kylie’s Collab?

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show, it had been revealed that Kendall had a contract with another makeup company. Because of her prior tie up, she couldn’t bring this Kylie Cosmetics collaboration to life earlier. “Now I’m able to do it,” she said during that appearance.

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