Kim and Kanye Threaten Ex-Bodyguard with A $10Million Lawsuit

Looks like it’s bad news for Kim and Kanye‘s ex-bodyguard, Steve Stanulis with the couple threatening to sue him for violating a confidentiality contract he signed while in service. The Kardashian-Wests are gearing up to sue him for $10 million for all the bad mouthing he’s been doing since leaving their employment. 


The couple fired off a cease and desist letter to Kanye’s ex-bodyguard, claiming he went on the “Hollywood Raw Podcast” a few weeks back and made “defamatory” statements while also breaching their confidentiality agreement.

According to the letter, Kim and Kanye claim Steve signed the agreement in February 2016, and it prohibits him from sharing any personal or business information about them, something they say he violated with his appearance on the podcast.

Stanulis claimed former boss Kanye had ‘ridiculous rules’ in place including walking 10 steps behind him in the street and also alleged that Kanye  got angry if he blocked his paparazzi shots with the former showbiz bodyguard describing the rapper as his “least favourite people to work with”.

He is a former NYPD officer and has appeared on television shows including The Sopranos and the comedy film – I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

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